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Come see what's planned for Generantis in the near future!

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Welcome to the newly created page for my game, Generantis. I've been working on the game a fair amount each month, and I'm the only one working on it, but I feel that I could work even more on it, and hopefully get something really new in game before the end of the year.

As for future plans, I think part of it depends on the community. If there's enough demand for the game, I'll try working more on it in free time (I have college work but I usually have plenty of time on my hands.) The game was something interesting I came up with earlier in the spring of 2013. I didn't start actually coding anything until probably late spring, almost summer. Oddly enough, the idea for the game originally is fairly close to what it seems to be now. If anyone has any fair suggestions, I could be open to them if it seems do-able.

By next year, I will hopefully still have plenty of more time to work on Generantis. Next summer should be a great time for me to get more work done, but don't worry, by then I should have plenty more content in the game.

Here's what was already finished for the game:

  • All objects mostly implemented in game (player, mob, weapon, projectile, item, armor, gear, quest, and map)
  • Basic structure of main game mostly there (physics, breaking blocks, engine stuff, etc.)
  • Inventory management fully functional (picking up and dropping objects, swapping objects, equipping objects)
  • Some of the sprites (mobs, players, weapons, projectiles, gear)
  • some simple sounds (breaking different kinds of blocks, hitting mobs, kills, finishing quests)
  • component system implemented
  • components on all the objects (only a few for some)

Here's what I have planned for the game's content:

  • Fully implementing the game object's functionality
  • Finishing the other sprites (armor, item, map, quest)
  • making sprites look better (color correction, quality)
  • more sounds
  • much, much much more components!
  • saving system (generator storage system that spawns planets)
  • planet menu
  • main menu
  • other menu's
  • lore system
  • other things here and there
  • room for improvements and added features

    That's basically all I have to say for now. If you're curious, I'm playing video games for 25 hours for a charity event called Extra Life 2013 at noon of today central time (hurry, that's 1.1 hours from now!). You can check out what i'm playing at

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