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I will now briefly talk about my plans with the mod and a potential 1.09.

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It's been an incredible amount of time this project has existed now, and might be one of the longest living mods still being updated in ra3 now.

Though updates aren't frequent, year periods with no updates is insane, for 1.08 it was 2 years.

When I originally made superior AI, I desired to gather comp stompers and people who enjoy AI.
Unfortunately I did not seem to have anybody interested in creating such a community, so it never came together.

Originally I would even keep my progress updated on the forum section.
This obviously not being done anymore, and I don't plan on trying to succeed where I once failed.

But the reason I am telling you this now is because, if I seen more regular interest and discussion of the AI it would have made releases more frequent. Currently I work on the mod whenever I want to, I have no pressure so I take very long breaks from the project.

1.07 was skipped because I just felt there wasn't enough people interested in the mod, and I don't want to release a small update for a few AI fans, besides 1.06 is a great version of the mod.

Now that 1.08 is officially out, I will now be working on a 1.09.

The goals of 1.09 are big and I'm not sure how it will turn out.
They're big for me at least. So here's my plan with 1.09.

#1: I'm restructuring my mod files
This is so I can edit AI much easier, I've had every AI have their own unique files so it makes changing things or adding new aspects to them very obnoxious. There's a much better way of doing this, but when I originally made Superior AI I never knew there would be so many AI. So that will be my first change.

#2: AI will be readjusted if needed.
Some AI are not adjusted properly with my changes over the years, this has caused them to lose their identity.

For example some AI might have preferred tsunami tanks, but later on I changed some numbers and where the once preferred tsunami tanks, in comparison to the new value it now DISLIKES them.

So I'll be going through each AI to make sure they will behave more like they were designed to.
Even spicier, I may add some new things to them just for fun, to help enforce their style and unique playstyles.

#3: Reach 200 AI personalities.
We're at 177 now, that is if you include builder it's 177.
But I only decided to throw those in 1.08 for fun.
So since it's so close already, I might as well go the whole distance and reach the 200 mark.

#4: Alternate versions
I want to make 1.09 appeal to many types of players.
200 AI is kinda cool, but redundant if you just want a good AI opponent.

*I want to create an extra cheating AI version where they get more money. Much like my alternate version called Brutal AI.

*I want to create a version where there's far less AI to choose from. Instead of using names it will be much more streamlined and understandable. No more Glies or Naomi or Moskvin, just labeled AI's that are properly designed to be effective at what they do.

Furthermore, I may make such a version with less AI because some people might find it confusing to have a tank AI who expands fast AND have a tank AI who expands slowly. Though this often isn't such a case there are indeed a few AI with extreme similarities to one another.

Creating this would take a bit of time because I'd construct new AI's to fit the roles along with having unique tactics that suit them.
- - - - -

That's all I've got for now, probably for months...
We'll see how it all turns out. I hope 1.08 feeds your need for improved AI.


Out of curiosity, with the personalities does difficulty setting affect how they do things? If so does that mean you need to code more for each difficulty state?

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JonnyKnows Author

Between hard and Brutal there's not much differences, Medium and Easy are pretty much untouched within the mod.

But yes, if I wanted to put more effort into medium and easy it would definitely take more code.

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Well good luck on your progress. I enjoy playing against different AI's, even if all I do is spectate AI matches with the ones that build alot of production facilities, which I think was mostly just the original commanders with your edits. Can't remember.

It's funny seeing how they acted on the random map generator maps.

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Yay! Go RA3

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Any tutorial about how to make a stupid AI make good use of his money bag and his forces?(Esp the century bombers.. they never learn how to drop bombs)

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If only RA3 modding was more straight-forward I'd have attempted my own AI. Alas.
Are you reverse engineering the AI functions or did you get source code from EA somehow?

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JonnyKnows Author

mod SDK

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