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What does the future hold for KW? Will the one man mod team continue development? Find out and have a say in this important decision. Join me and take KW to a whole new level!

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Night Watch is my Final year university project. I was extreamly ambitious with KW and it has been a huge personal challenge to make it. I was faced with many difficulties and time restrictions due to it being a university project and a San Andreas mod. I had to make lots of content in a very short space of time and demontrate it working as intended in the game. Its has been a success as I have now graduated:)

Unfortunatly this means work has stopped for the moment. I might decide to continue working on KW if enough people want it. Otherwise I will release the content that I have made for use in GTA:SA and move on to other projects. If people like the project and support it, progress can continue. I am working on an engine that could be used for KW. Which would make KW an indie game and possibly even a commercial project. For this though, I will need gather a team to work with me so its really up to you out there. So if your an artist, designer, programmer or musician that wants to help, send me a PM and KW can continue and go on to better things.

Alot of content has already been made for the mod including a full set of weapon models, a custom character with clothing and a vintage 20's style car. The city has been layed out but needs lots of work to bring it to life. Somthing I can do if I had the freedom and time to do so or some extra pairs of hands.

If I can't get a team together, I need to concetrate on getting work in the industry. So I will be working on my portfolio, website and showreel instead of KW. KW will feature in my wesite and showreel, so some work will still be done to make the most of the content I have created. That means new videos and some more work on the city to flesh it out and show off the work that has gone into it and add the models I didn't have time to during my course. As for game play, missions and storylines I will not be developing them any further unless I can get a team together.

This deffinalty isn't the end for KW but its future is up to you. I personally love this project and want to continue working on it. There is just too much for me to do on my own to finish it how I'd like. I've got pretty far but I need your help to take it any further.

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