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As balancing changes becoming smaller and smaller, I would have to be focusing on other directions. Stuff like a few 'new units' and AI changes comes to mind.

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**Update, recent speculation of new DLC after Epic Game Store released led me to suspect the mod may be broken by a content release. I will see if that is the case. For now works will be paused until Eugen clarify on that.

As you might have noticed, balancing changes becoming smaller and smaller. It is caused by two things, game is becoming more balanced each patch, and lack of testers and feedbacks. It is harder to notice the less obvious flaws of the game without active feedbacks. I foresee in the near future me running out of ideas in terms of balance changes. I would have to be focusing on other directions. Stuff like a few new units and AI changes comes to mind. There are still plenty of room for AI improvements. Besides those, I could add a few more features and call it a day.

These are just ideas, they are not fully tested.

1. M270 MLRS for Japan, as they historically did have.

2. ZTZ-59D for China, a medium priced tank with 18AP, gun launched ATGM, and about 12FAV. 1995 prototype.

3. PLZ-83 for China, the real one, which is similar to 2S3M Akatsiya.

4. West Germany getting the Eurofighter.

5. Giving US Marine a proper ASF. They can either have a F-18C equivalent of F-16 block 52, or F-18E/F equivalent of F-15C, or F-14D an improved Tomcat with AIM-9M and 40% ECM, or in this alt-history scenario when USA did not cut down budget, F-14D with AIM-120 capability as it was intended to have. The later configuration would either be 2 Phoenix + 4 AIM-120A at 200pt 1 trained only, or a F-15C clone that trade 10% ECM for the huge radar range at 165pt.

6. Give south korean marine LVTP-7A1 transport.

7. Making those large supply helicopter have more HP. Seriously, these guys are HUGE.

Mi-26: 10>20hp; seriously this thing is twice as heavy than the 15hp Il-28 (NK's B5). Making it 20hp is not absurd if you look at its photo. Max take off 56000kg, Il-28 in comparison is only 21200 kg despite being one of the biggest plane tab unit.

Mi-6 variants: 10>16hp max take off 44000kg, would be pretty absurd already if you didnt see Mi-26.

CH-53E Super Stallion: 10>14hp, max take off 33340kg, it still weight more than a bomber, and can carry a F-15 as its payload as in the headline image. Yes, the 2 above are even bigger than this!

CH-47C Chinook: 10>12hp, at 24500kg max take off, this thing both the supply and transport version arguably deserves a hp increase too. Still heavier than a medium bomber.

I do not expect them to be meta just from the hp increase, but I do think adding a bit of flavor here acknowledging what a monster these machines are would be good enough.

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