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An explanation of where I plan to go from here, and what that will require.

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Hello everyone still watching,

I know that the progress you saw last year hasn't been mirrored so far this year, but rest assured that this project, in one form or another, is still something upon which I wish to work in the future.

My current goal, without, I'm afraid, setting anything in stone or giving assurances I cannot honestly give, is to work on gameplay prototyping and design for the foreseeable future. The core of any game design should be the game itself, not just the objects that will populate the world. I am planning to teach myself Flash in order to make gameplay prototypes which will be fully-fledged in terms of play, but pared down to the most basic possible graphical presentation.

The key prototypes will be for:

The Movement System - including mantling,
The Ranged Combat System - and
The Melee Combat System - complete with grappling mechanics

Animation creation would have been my next major focus, but without thousands of dollars worth of software that I don't have and can't afford that isn't going to be possible at the moment.

All of this, however, will be subject to the availability of time - my studies and other responsibilities have to take priority. Of course, any assistance is always warmly welcomed, and I will make an effort to engage in any discussion and debate on the profile.

So, feel free to post questions, suggestions and any other comments you like on the profile's new forum!

Thanks for watching, and for reading!

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