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Super Blood Pack is standalone package. which will makes it easier to manage. and update

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new updated package.

Fixed fullscreen issue with new doxbox x version ; considered hotfix. not fully tested

upgrade Deathwish to 1.7

upgrade Bloodgdx

where has the time gone. been one hell of a year. With everything going on this year its been hard to doing things.

Is the mod dead?


but with new blood launchers released to run blood. it does effect the usage of my launcher.

but its still nice to have the mod packaged together and people can copy the mods over to the new launchers that are out and "should work"


I have come to realized that maybe some mods dont run....

I'm working on fixing them. I dont know how they stopped working.. gremlins in the machine messing with things?

but I almost made some changes as well. like adding buildGDX, which not every mod will work correctly with it.

and also having a default doxbox config which changes can be made to and will carry over into every game.


Update released.

fixed mods not running. tested

todo: looking into adding more mods and maps.

update 11/7/2019

updated with bigger fonts and newly compiled dosbox, which is faster then what was included with the software. also updated some mods.

update 12/08/17

release smaller package. please download this version as it has current fixes and updated mods

requires netframework 4.5.1, and installer is included in package.

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