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The CoD:1914 team has everything but a full time modeller.

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Well, this is getting ridiculous.

The Call of Duty: 1914 modding team has loading screens, skinners, mappers, and model makers, but we do lack a dedicated full time modeller to animate the models. This can prove to be a problem as we have a lot of models (see this article: that need to be ported and animated. Like I said before, while Mch2207Cz has helped us out in the past, it's really unfair to constantly ask the same guy to do something our team could do if we had someone with prior experience with porting and animating models. While joc69uk has shown he can use Blender, he really knows how to re model the existing CoD2 weapons and that was for his now currently discontinued Iron Wolf mod, also for CoD2, Joc has been offline for at least 2-3 months now. A screenshot of Joc's G98-Kar98k hybrid can be seen below.

As you can see, it's really just a Kar98k with a G98 style bolt.

If you think you know enough about animating CoD2 weapons and are interested in joining the CoD: 1914 team, then contact me here:

Until then, good luck. Deathblade100.

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