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The full storyline with timelines for the Winter Warfare modification for Battlefield 2.

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World War 1 ended in 1918 with a costly allied victory and the Russian Revolution happened with the Communist Soviets coming out on top. In 1931, the weather began to get colder and winters became longer with less months in Summer, Spring and Autum/Fall. By 1935, there was only two seasons, Winter and Summer, Autum/Fall and Spring had been taken over by winter and summer reduced globally to just 2 months. In 1939, World War 2 began when Germany invaded Poland and the rest of the allies interventined declaring war on Nazi Germany and its allies, Italy, Japan, Finland and Romania. The weather and seasons were now in a terrible state, virtually only one season remained, Winter. Then Great Britian is defeated in the Battle of Britian and Germany's Operation Sealion is a sucsess.

Then the Ice began to form in the North. Most of Russia was covered leading to the eventual defeat of the Soviet Union. The areas not effected by Ice were ethier covered by snow almost alll year round or the standard tempreture had dropped by almost -20 degrees centigrade. Now the allies were desperate, they attempted many offensives including D-Day but the all failed leading to a Japanese invasion of North and South America which defeated the USA. Now only parts of the allies remain, trying to fight for their survival not just in the war, but in the new Ice Age...


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