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here you can learn all of the weapons, items, powerups and bad-guys you will find in major crisis...

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Portable Medikits: 25%
larger than the stimpacks; medkits include bandages, antitoxins and other medical supplies all in a convenient portable package!
You can carry four of these in your inventory, allowing you heal yourself on the fly, however they can only be used up when your health is less than 100%

'Berserk' Pack: 100%
Similar to portable Medikits, but four times as effective.
Plus the combination of steroids cut with pure epinephrine contained within acts as a super-adrenaline rush, enormously boosting your muscle power...
You can now carry one of these in your inventory but it can be used at anytime.

'Regeneration' Pack: 5% +
Very similar to a stimpack, but portable.
When taken, the meds within not only give you an instant hit but continue to boost your, health back up to 100% whenever you are injured.
You can carry two of these in your inventory and it can be used at anytime, however the effects are temporary so try to use regen judiciously...

'Adrenaline': 100% +1%
A shot of 'Adrenaline' not only heals any damage you may or may not have taken, but also adds 1% to your health total.
From then on, this allows you to use medikits and stimpacks to heal you 1% more above the usual 100%
accumulative in nature, further adrenaline shots will continue to boost your total by 1% each time!

Ultimate Medikit: 100%
Whether you are injured or not, these massive medi-kits are the ultimate in first-aid healing.
Four times as effective as a regular medikit, these 'mega' health-packs will instantly heal you with a 100% boost to whatever health you may or may not already have! (not exceeding 200%)

From the Med-Labs that brought you 'Berserk' comes 'Haste'.
These unassuming little brown bottles may not seem very impressive at first glace but the power of the pills within make them a real sought after item.
An experimental performance-enhancer drug; Haste temporarily boosts your movement speed, allowing you to literally run rings around your enemies.
it also increases your reload and melee attack speed...
You can carry two pots of haste in your inventory and they can be taken at anytime.

Light Amplification Visors
These infrared visors temporarily allow you to see clearly, even in pitch dark.
You can now carry two of these in your inventory and they can be activated at anytime.

pull the pin, sling it at your enemy, stand back and enjoy the fireworks!
just keep your eye on where you bounce them...

A handy find, these upload your Automap with complete set of schematic files of the area you are currently in, including secret or hidden areas.
the areas you have not yet visited are mapped in grey.
You can only carry one of these in your inventory but it can be used at anytime.

Hint Disk
The hint-disk is a rare, collectable item.
its a floppydisk, containing all kinds of hints, tips and fun-facts about major crisis.
once found you can 'load' the disc from your inventory at anytime during play and a random hint or fun-fact will be displayed...

A pair of gloves and a bad attitude may sound like your last line of defence but your UAC 'berserk' packs are sure to give you the edge in close combat scenarios.
Primary attack is a flurry of jabs and secondary attack comes in the form of a slower but more powerful haymaker that can easily throw lesser enemies across a room!
However, its hard to punch stuff when holding weapons so, when using other weapons, you can deliver a swift kick that thats is most useful for busting things up or generally getting the demon bastards out of your face...

Just what the hell a chainsaw is doing in a scientific research facility is one of those little mysteries of life, but mystery aside the potential of a fully juiced up chainsaw is a welcome change to relying solely on your fists as a melee weapon.
The sustained attack of the blade grabs on to your opponents and then pulls them into the deadly diamond-edged teeth.
alternately, feel free to swing it about a bit and take some heads!

UAC semi-automatic Pistol
high accuracy, good rate of fire and an utter lack of stopping power.
alternate fire comes in the form of a three-round burst that is good at slowing down the enemy and depleting your ammunition supply quickly!

UAC Machinegun
The machinegun has no fire-delay allowing instant fire control and greater accuracy over longer ranges per shot.
However, on full auto, expect some heavy recoil that is quite hard to contain.
With this in mind the machinegun is best used singleshot over range, saving full auto for up close and personal.
The accuracy over range can be vastly improved by utilizing the integral optic sight on the top rail.

UAC 12 gauge pump- action shotgun
Standard issue; point at bad-guy, pull the trigger then pump in a fresh one.
Also, a quick swipe with the back end is rather good at smashing faces in at close range.

UAC 12 gauge breach-loading Combat Shotgun
Standard issue; dual buck-shot load of death encased in twin cobalt-blue-steel barrels, ultimate close range killer but almost useless at long range.
feel free to select either single or double barrel firing modes.

UAC belt-fed heavy assault-cannon 'Chaingun'
although the spinning barrels do take a second to get up to speed before firing, the show is well worth it!
hose the place down or stun-lock enemies with sustained fire, decisions, decisions...

UAC Rocket Launcher mkII
The mkII incorporates a laser tracking system that, once be engaged, allows you to direct your fire at specific targets via the onboard computer that links directly into your helmet hud system.
otherwise its +/- standard issue.

UAC Breach-loading grenade launcher
If you like the idea of hurling grenades faster and further than you can by hand then this is the weapon of choice for you!
perfect for open windows or flushing out elevated positions the grenade launcher sports a tactical advantage over the rocket launcher, as it is more than capable of delivering your explosive payload around obstacles and corners, keeping you well out of harms way.
grenades have a mass-reactive warhead meaning they will always explode on contact with the enemy, however you can program the grenades to either bounce or explode on contact with objects in the environment. your hud will show which setting is active.

UAC Phased Plasma Rifle
Standard issue; deploy streams of white hot plasma at an insane rate of fire with minimal kick-back due to built in recoil-suppressors.
pros; it's a fire-hose of plasmatic death
cons; eats cells up like they were going out of fashion...

You know the score; pull the trigger and then go find a mop!

You'll see... :wink:

As they lack any ranged firepower, these zombies may appear little more than target practice; They do go down easy but tend to rush you and in large enough groups could even begin to overwhelm you...

A rapid multi-legged abomination, that pounces at your face.
these filth take a lot more than a rolled-up playboy to splatter and tend to swarm you in groups...

Loyal guard dogs of the hell-scape's inner sanctum, these quadrepedal cousins to the pinkies, can both dish out punishment and take it.
Initially, their bulk may make them seem a little slow, but they'll get faster and deadlier, the more you piss them off.
A gnawing from their savage maws is a nasty way to go...

As if the regular Imps weren't bad enough, Nightprowlers are tougher, faster and damnably tricky to see in the dark...
These accursed mutations of the species are true nightmare imps...

the first official expansion pack for major crisis; extreme prejudice. was released 1, 1, 2018!
within were more weapons of mass destruction to pound down on the hoards of hell in new and imaginative ways. this mod is now included as part of Major Crisis

whats in it?

UAC 'magnum' service-revolver
Usually resereved for officers and UAC top-brass personel, the service revolver is one heavy piece of ordnance!
Its six-round revolving-drum makes for a much slower rate of fire. However, what it lacks in speed the magnum more than makes up for with stopping power and accuracy over range...
watch it though, with no slide to absorb that recoil she does kick some!

UAC 12 gauge Riot controller
The riotgun is a mag-loaded automatic shotgun, making it most useful in a crowd.
But, as with the machinegun, full-auto can cause some very heavy recoil, so watch your aim.
please bear in mind that whilst holding the trigger down for extended periods is not only fun, its also likely to cause an overheat to occur...

UAC Nailgun
This archaic looking double-barreled brute of a weapon is yet another weaponized adaptation of a UAC industrial tool.
the armour piercing darts it fires (commonly referred to as nails) are capable of joining steel plate to bulkheads.
however they are just as capable of nailing several badguys at a time before hitting walls...

UAC pipebombs
although not exactly the latest and greatest in UAC grenade technology, these mining charges, little more than improvised explosive devices, have got it where it counts.
They function real similar to your standard grenades but instead of the twist-release timer, these are detonated via the handy remote control. Ideal for setting traps, the radio-detonator allows you to set multiple pipebombs in place and detonate them all at once from a safe distance and at a moment of your choosing. sneaky and underhanded, yes, but very satisfying!
be aware that weapons fire and explosions will also set them off too...
you'll find these in boxes of five.

UAC Auto-Loader Grenade-Launcher
sick of hand loading the grenades like a schlub?
well, with the addition of a rotating-drum-feed mechanism, this upgraded grenade-launcher design makes breach-loading a thing of the past...

somewhere between the soulsphere and the megasphere, these simply max out your health to 200%

A fighting start...
extreme prejudice is generous.
starting a game will not only give you your pistol, 50 rounds and a grenade, but now, a machinegun too.
Because, what kind of marine would ever be caught dead without his weapon to hand anyway, right?

although extreme prejudice was actually designed with deathmatch games in mind, it can also be used in singleplayer campaigns to simply add more weapons to the roster, just because variety is nice.

why not simply just add these new weapons to the main pack?
well quite simply, balance, so as not to ruin gameplay balance that I've worked so hard to get when I first started major crisis. this way, it should please all. if you don't mind it a bit op then by all means use the new weapons in singleplayer. If your stickler for more balanced gameplay then simply dont use it!

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