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A full leveling system is coming in alpha 6 along with a few other features. This article comes with pictures showcasing some of the new features.

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Work has been done and a complete leveling system will be added with Weapon Upgrades, XP, Upgrade Points (Basically they are Skill Points), and Character Upgrades. When this update comes out you HAVE to start a new save game. This new update is incompatible with saves from ALL previous versions.

  • A few New enemies
  • A gore system, when gibbed enemies will explode into blood and guts. This includes new better looking blood sprites. Blood disappears after a few seconds. Gore stays forever. The blood changes colour based on the colour of the specific enemies blood. The gore only comes in 3 colours. Green for mutants. Red for normal enemies. Black for shadow and metal enemies. Here is a picture of a couple of enemies gibbed by the Plasma Rangers special ability.


  • Health bars for enemies. When looking at an enemy the health of it is displayed at the top center of the screen. When shot health displayed on the health bar will go down. This will give an idea of how close an enemy is to death so you can better gauge the threat of entering combat. Rewarders and certain other enemies emit damage numbers but do not display health.


  • An automatic leveling system. Killing enemies gives you XP, when you get 1000 XP you level up. Leveling up fully heals you and gives you 5 Upgrade Points
  • Added upgrades that can be bought with Upgrade Points if you are a high enough level to buy them.


  • You start off with low health and a low damage class weapon but these can be upgraded. Level 1 weapons all have 5 damage and no special abilities. Level 2 unlocks the passive. Level 8 doubles fire rate. Level 9 unlocks the special. Level 10 increases special power, increases passive power, or adds a new passive. Max level weapons are very powerful and GREATLY increase the power of special abilities, can raise basic damage, and sometimes add a new passive. The effects of each upgrade as well as it's cost in Upgrade Points (UP) and the required level are listed in the upgrade menu. Specials take (AP)


  • Health and sometimes other character attributes based on class type can be upgraded in the "Player Upgrades" menu.


  • The Commander has a different menu due to his kit revolving ENTIRELY on his special ability. As such he unlocks the first marine at level 1 and can unlock new marines using UP if he is the right level.

MEN 6 2

  • It takes Troop Points (TP) to spawn the troops. The TP number is displayed at the bottom right. The lower level the Marine the less they cost but also the less HP the have and the less damage they deal. You have a maximum of 1000 TP which is the cost of the UAC MECH. The Lowest level Marine is very weak having little HP and dealing barely any damage but only costs 5 TP. The only way to get TP is to let it slowly and automatically generate. The cost in TP and the level required to get the upgrade that unlocks the marine is shown next to the name of the marine. The Commanders menus are as listed. Low Level


  • Mid Level


  • High Level


  • Weapon Upgrades

MEN 5 2

  • To balance out his extremely strong ability he will not gain XP for any enemies killed by his troops. So if you want XP you need to kill enemies yourself. Instead of having player upgrades he starts out with double speed, 75 HP and has Troop Upgrades instead.
  • Unique special abilities (Secondary Fire) for every class in the game. This is a picture of the Plasma Rangers special ability. It is a Wall of Raining Plasma, the plasma which rains down deals high damage to enemies and always gibs them. The wall slowly moves in whatever direction it was fired then bounds off of 1 surface and then is destroyed on the next surface it hits. When destroyed it deals high damage over a large AOE. 50 damage with level 9-10 weapons and 500 damage with a max level weapon.


  • When I first made this mod I was new to advanced coding and unaware of some basic coding parameters thus causing me to make very stupid mistakes that will be fixed up in this update (For example most weapons not having gun flashes)
  • Cryo Ranger is now the Plasma Ranger. This is due to enemies being killed by Ice damage not awarding XP, if a way to fix this is found the Cryo Ranger will return but as of now I can see no way of fixing this issue.

This is going to be a big update and when it is released there are bound to be bugs, any bug reports would be greatly appreciated. When the update is uploaded post bug reports in the forums or in the comments section of the download page. This update is getting there, 4/10 classes have their leveling systems complete, each leveling system though needs to undergo extensive testing before it is finished due to me wanting to get this out to you guys as BUG FREE as possible. Here is a basic list of the progression on the classes leveling systems that will be at the bottom of every article from here on out and updated with every new article posted. Some articles are going to be nothing but the progression updates.

Default Marine [Passed basic testing, undergoing extensive testing]

Splitter Marine [Passed basic testing, not yet in extensive testing]

Plasma Ranger [Undergoing basic testing]

Seeker Marine [Not yet started]

Heavy Marine [Not yet started]

Scout Marine [Not yet started]

The Enforcer [Not yet started]

The Commander [Done and ready for the update]

The Gunslinger [Not yet started]

Plasma Marine [Not yet started]

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