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Full Invasion 2 is a co-op module for the popular game Mount & Blade: Warband. Work is underway on the next massive update - a completly new module, in fact, known as Full Invasion: Osiris.

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Greetings, Defenders

We hope that all of you had a great holiday season for 2016, and a good introduction to the new year. The holidays are a busy time for everyone, and unfortunately, we at Wave 53 Studios aren’t exempt from this. From vacations, spending time with our families, and a surprise medical problem, we are now back and are resuming work on Full Invasion: Osiris.

Our main concern at this stage is to finalise the framework of the module, and ensure that all the core features work as intended. This is going well so far, and we’ll continue to update our Patrons on Patreon and Discord with smaller posts about the new features and systems we are implementing. One of these is the new spawning system for both players and bots, which we are very proud of.

Following that, a lot of effort has to go into designing the defending and invading factions for Full Invasion 2. As many of you will know from our previous articles, our goal is to make all factions in Full Invasion: Osiris feel as fleshed-out and diverse as they can possibly be. Players should have progression within a class as well as overall through a session, and the invading waves should be unique and challenging. For both defending and invading factions we have to design all of the troops, as well as define their stats, what armour they can use, and what their weapons will be.

Once we have the factions more-or-less finished, we will be creating the bosses and legendary weapons which our Patrons have earned for their support of Wave 53 Studios. Our Patrons will also be seeing in-progress documents about faction design, stats, and variety and have the ability to give their feedback and influence the mod.

We are keeping only a selection of maps from previous versions of Full Invasion 2. The majority of maps in Full Invasion: Osiris are going to be original and new to the module. Again, this is a lot of work to put in (using an editor which, frankly, leaves a lot to be desired).

We are always looking for people who are willing to create maps for Full Invasion 2 and work alongside Wave 53 Studios. Community-crafted maps are awesome in every game, and is how a number of classic FI2 maps were originally created. Mapping is easy to get into, anyone can do it in Warband without additional programs. Mapping is time consuming, however, and will be one of the main factors towards our release date for Full Invasion: Osiris; we currently have one person working full-time on mapping.

If you have experience with creating maps/scenes or are willing to learn, please contact our community manager on Steam, ModDB, Discord, or Reddit for information on how you can get involved and see your work put into Full Invasion 2. Depending on the quality of your maps and how much you're willing to contribute to the project, there is a very good chance we would be willing to pick you up as a full-time member of our team!

Finally, we would just like to thank each and every person who has played and enjoyed Full Invasion 2 in the past, and has supported Wave 53 Studios during the development of Amber and Amber 2.0. Without support from our community, Full Invasion 2 may have stopped development with v0121 over two years ago.

We know that everyone loves community events, so we will be posting more information later in the month about both a public event and a closed event with sign-ups on our [Steam Group] like before. We will notify people about both events across all of our platforms, but the best way to stay up-to-date is over on our Discord Server.


Just wanted to add that all medical issues, though serious, have been completely resolved!

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Readd cades

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TrotsTwats Author

They were not removed from Amber 2.0.

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Nice work guys! I like the new maps(especially Jerusalem for starters) Btw will the map Moria be added?

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Sometimes, in game, disconnected cause connection error... why?

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