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Full Invasion 2 is a co-operative mod for Mount & Blade Warband where you can play together with up to 200 people at once. Today we will be covering legendary weapons and what it will take to make them awesome again in Full Invasion 2: Amber.

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Greetings, Defenders.

Today we will be talking all about legendary weapons; what they should be like and how we plan to implement these changes. If this isn’t your thing, next week’s news will be about the community, AMA’s, and the future. You can follow our ModDB to receive notifications about when we release new updates.

As always, let us know about what you think in the comments below. Please direct your eyes to our Official Steam Group, Screenshot of the Week Contest, Upcoming Community Events, and finally to Ashley's inbox for all your questions, suggestions, or feedback on the mod.

Legendary weapons are awesome, everyone can agree on that. They are excellent at pushing back unrelenting waves of invaders, not to mention looking super cool while doing it. Legendaries are a ticket to the top of the leaderboard, they’re something that should be seen with awe and inspire those fighting for their lives. Legendary weapons should be a much bigger deal than they currently are in Full Invasion 2.

Right now, it’s not unusual to see multiple legendaries spawned even on the first wave. Getting a legendary weapon is far too common, which destroys the intended feeling of having a legendary weapon. Right now, the current situation goes something like this:

  • An experienced player gets a legendary early on.
  • They take all the kills, therefore earning all the money.
  • There is no money for other players to buy arrows, barricades, or open boxes, so they can not be as effective.
  • With everyone relying on people with legendary weapons, there’s no incentive for teamwork - if you steal all the kills, you get the rewards.
  • When players with legendaries fall back to heal or spend money, the remaining defenders get quickly overwhelmed due to a lack of teamwork.
  • Everyone dies and must watch as the player with a legendary mops up the final kills (always too slowly).
  • Players respawn and the process repeats.

Legendary weapons should reflect your contributions to the team and serve as a badge to the bond between you and your comrades. When a legendary weapon gets pulled, it should be a celebration, not a giveaway.


The first move is to fix all the broken legendaries - ineffective swords and broken bows have been buffed to fit their roles. When you get a legendary, being let down should never be the feeling you get. We have increased the range on crossbows like the Van Helsing and also reduced the stats of overpowered weapons.

The next step is reducing the spawn rate to make them more fitting for their name - legendary. Finding a balance between rare and fair is always incredibly difficult regardless of the task. We want to make it challenging to get one, but not frustrating in the long run. As this is one of the most important areas of improving the legendaries, we have been taking our time to experiment and find what works best. As of now, more testing needs to be done to find what works best.

Throughout future updates we will be adding new and interesting legendary weapons to buff out the current roster. Ranging from historical oddities to pop-culture references, there will be plenty of weapons to ensure repeats happen less often. Poorly represented weapon categories such as bows, shields, daggers, and spears will all be receiving attention as we attempt to make something unique for every playstyle.

This suggestion to improve weapon variety comes directly from the community on our Steam Group. If you’re interested in helping us make Full Invasion 2 better, all you have to do is join. Once you’re in, there are multiple suggestion threads where you can have your voice heard by the developers. Be sure to be as descriptive as possible and check it when you have time, we check it every day.

Before we leave, let’s all take a moment to guess the name of this new legendary weapon being added in Full Invasion 2: Amber. Put your guess in the comments below, the winner may just receive a prize.

It is a weapon with the god-like power to alter the course of battle at a moment’s notice. Maybe it makes you smarter because you know that cats can be bats can be rats can be hats can be gnats can be that's can be thises. And that doors can be boars can be snores can be floors can be roars can be spores can be yours can be mine. Regardless of the name or its intention, you can wield the power yourself in the next update to Full Invasion.


The recent community event went exceptionally well, we had around 350 unique IDs join throughout the two hour event. While this may not seem like much, it is a drastic improvement to what would have shown up only one month ago. Wave 53 Studios plans to host both themed and unthemed events from now on.

These events will take place on the official servers, but their times are currently undecided. You can expect an event to go alongside any major release or in celebration of various holidays around the world. Events will always be announced on our ModDB and Steam Group at least one week in advance. Following them ensure you are notified beforehand, so you do not miss out on the fun.


Tell me I can turn them into chickens with my Wabbajack? Love Sheogorath in Skyrim, and loved reading the book back in the Daggerfall days. Oh I do miss using the Wabbajack, only weapon that made me want to be a magical fighter instead of using swords and bows.

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I dont even... ^^

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Wabbajack :D

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When did you have the event? And when we will see next event?

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TrotsTwats Author

As for the previous event:


As for the next event, read the post:

> Their times are currently undecided. You can expect an event to go alongside any major release or in celebration of various holidays around the world. Events will always be announced on our ModDB and Steam Group at least one week in advance.

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is that crossbow from CSO?

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If everybody has a legendary, in other words, if everyone is the "hero", then noone is. Chances of getting a legendary weapon should be slim to none, and even then, once you get it, it shouldn't make immediately unstopable, but instead just give you an "edge" over the normal weapon. Player ability and skill should be what wins the game. Right now, with hordes of players with legendary bows, arrows and lightsabres who don't actually need to "do anything" aside from pressing a single button to fire in the general direction of the enemy, make it clear that skill/actually being good at the game, doesn't really even mean anything anymore.

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