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Full Invasion 2: Amber is the latest update to the already beloved co-op mod for Mount & Blade: Warband. It is now entering beta and will be open to the public on the Official NA Server.

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Greetings, Defenders

This article is a reminder that the Full Invasion 2: Amber open beta will begin on December 18th, 2015. The beta will be available to play on the Official NA Server and will be heavily monitored by developers and admins alike.

You are very strongly urged to provide your feedback on the beta. We need it to make the final version the best it possibly can be. We hope to fix as much as possible throughout the beta for one final, awesome version of Amber. You can provide your feedback on our Official Steam Group, in the relevant threads of the Discussion Section.

Balrog of Anchorage

Active members of our Steam Group may be invited to special closed tests throughout the beta. These will include testing boss waves, fun new modifiers, or unique scenarios. It will be a chance for you to play directly with developers, see what cool things Amber can offer, and just have a good time.

To gain access to the beta you must:

1. Love Full Invasion 2 and want to improve it for the future.

2. Become a member of our Official Steam Group.

3. Download the beta version from ModDB when it becomes available.

4. Launch Warband using this new beta version.

5. Join the Official NA Server and have fun.

6. Give us some feedback on the Steam Group.

While using the beta version of Full Invasion 2: Amber, you will be unable to join any servers not using that version (which will be all besides the Official NA Server). Server owners will not be allowed to host the beta version in any form, as we wish to have testing monitored and less overall confusion.

To play on servers besides the Official NA Server, you will have to launch Warband using the current version of Full Invasion 2 (v121). We recommend keeping both this version and the beta version installed separately, so you are able to switch between them at will.

Rising Sun

As we have said numerous times throughout the past, please use the Discussion Section of our Steam Group to provide us with your feedback on the beta. It is vitally important that everyone playing the beta does, because it will ensure that everything can be fixed prior to the full version's release.

Please direct all of your questions, concerns, or comments about Full Invasion 2: Amber to Ashley, our Community Manager. You can contact her via Steam or ModDB at any time throughout the day.

What are you most excited about with Full Invasion 2: Amber's release just around the corner? Let us know in the comments below! :)

kylongtoe - - 224 comments


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DarthKiller - - 552 comments

So when is the full release then?
Because I am very worried that you only stated a NA server when there is a huge amout of EU players and I would be rather sick than playing with 120+ ping in Full Invasion (it equals suicide).

I hope so, because when you forbid or disable or whatever public community servers then we would be doomed without a proper EU server

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TrotsTwats Author
TrotsTwats - - 174 comments

The NA server has been moved to provide a better connection for players in the EU. The connection should no longer be as bad as it has in the past.

The reasons unofficial servers will not be allowed to host the beta are simple in nature:

1. We would like testing to be as monitored as possible.
2. Some servers will not upgrade to the released version, meaning they'll become incompatible once the release version is out. On top of that, these beta servers would be filled with the bugs discovered and fixed for the release version.

The reason the EU server will not be hosting the beta is because:

1. We would like at least one official server to still be hosting the current version of the mod.
2. We have a larger European audience, and the majority of players won't bother giving their feedback, taking up the spot of someone who would do that. Many players will also want to stick to playing the familiar.
3. Any EU players who sacrifice a little ping to make the mod better (and make the beta period go by quicker) will probably be willing to give their feedback on the Steam Group more than someone who simply had the beta handed to them.

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davidy98 - - 103 comments

Same for me. If I had good internet (which I don't, I live in the countryside) maybe I could play on the NA server, but since that's not the case an EU server is needed.

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RussianBadAss - - 188 comments

Suicide? I'm okay with 180, hehe
Agree with you tho

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[FI3]_Maroon - - 51 comments

Additionally, several of the new features need to be tested with a higher (80+) ping to ensure they work properly for players without access to low ping servers. Features such as auto-firing rifles and blaster deflecting lightsabers might be influenced by the player's connection, and to test that we need reliable higher ping players.

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Yluvataris_256 - - 577 comments

oh yes

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Himjar - - 266 comments

The server being NA will cause few issues but i am okay with it :)

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TrotsTwats Author
TrotsTwats - - 174 comments

I look forward to fighting alongside you :3

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Guest - - 699,356 comments

i will yolo and swagging and ayylmaoing at any server :D cant wait for beta!

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HotShot217 - - 48 comments

You know, I've always wanted to help develop something. I'd love to give you feedback on your work!

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Guest - - 699,356 comments

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Guest - - 699,356 comments

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