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A large features list has been added, and other news!

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Today we finished a full up to date list of features. It contains pretty much everything we have to say about the mod so far, check it out here:

Please leave your comments about it here. :)

Also! We have been given rights to use JPlegacy content within Jurassic Carnage. Expect to see Dinosaurs looking as close as they can possibly get!

Finally, we have had lots of requests for videos. The map is completely ingame and the texturing process is at around 30 percent completed, it won't take too long. Keep in mind we are not reusing any old textures from San Andreas, or objects for that matter, our island is gonna look pretty stunning once it's completed.

Once we've got this sorted we can start on finer details. Taking all this into account means that a ingame trailer of Sorna and it's dinosaur inhabitants will take around at least a week or two. We want to make sure everything is looking at it's best for you guys!


nice but if you are going to replace the velociraptors could you email the 2 models you made so far? i want to try to convert them to a player model :O they look nice :O

(email: )

i like the smart ones (the ones that arent tiger striped)

anyways thanks for youre time :)

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Just use this opcode :P
That way no conversion is necessary, you just need to load the raptor's model as special01. :D

09C7: change_player $PLAYER_CHAR model_to #SPECIAL01

Keep in mind though it can only be used in Main.scm, not in Cleo.

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