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Since V0.1 was released to the public, lot of work will be ahead. This page needs to track down progress of developing and improving.

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Planned Features:

  • Make proper list of all presented guns.
  • Fix size difference of some guns.
  • Improve behavior of several guns.
  • Make sprite of reloading unique for each ammo type.
  • Make each gun have their own draw and holster sound.
  • Make underbarrel grenade launcher for some gun.
  • Replace original CQC with knife.
  • Replace all vanilla pickups with something cool.
  • Maybe make optional hires texture pack with resources from "S.T.A.L.K.E.R." franchise.


  • Initial release of first public version.


  • Changed default footsteps sounds.
  • Adjusted amount of some ammo types.
  • Added 29 guns (6 pistols, 7 shotguns, 8 SMGs, 4 ARs and 4 SRs).


  • Remaded mugshot with HD face of DoomGuy. Thanks to Reinchard2 and GoldenMob72 from ModDB.
  • Added Hi-Res graphics for wall marks.
  • Added scoped variations of 9 ARs.
  • Added suppressed variation of SR-2 "Veresk".


  • Added Hi-Res graphics for scorches.
  • Swapped out "MTar" and "AUG A3" sprites, 'cause it more proper.
  • Added suppressed variations of 2 SMGs, 3 ARs and 1 SR.
  • Added some sprites for ammo pickups.


  • Changed sprites of RGD-5 frag grenade and GD-05 smoke grenade.
  • Added F1 frag grenade that are twice more deadly that RGD-5.
  • Added early version of useable inventory for utility slot №0.
  • Added early versions of RG-6, M79, RPG-7 and Gauss Rifle for heavy slot №7.


  • Added suppressed variations of 3 pistols.
  • Added suppressed variations of 4 SMGs.
  • Added scoped variations of 10 ARs.
  • Added supressed variation of 1 LMG.


  • Changed firing sound for H&K MP5SD5 and VSSK "Vihlop", so they are more crispy now (i hope).
  • Fixed mismatched sound files for reload of "AK-12", "AK-19" and "AK-15".
  • Added Hi-Res graphics for all grenades (including lever).
  • Added suppressed variations of 1 pistol, 1 SMG and 1 AR.
  • Added scoped variations for 6 ARs.
  • Moved "Uzi" and AEK-919K" (with suppressed variation) to slot №4.


  • Added mythical Pancor Jackhammer auto-shotgun, 'cause it was in many old games that i like.
  • Changed sprites of AS-VAL and VSS "Vintorez", so they are more shiny now.
  • Changed sprites of PP-19 "Bizon", MP5A3 and MP5/10A2 to more pretty.
  • Added suppressed variations of 6 SMGs, 5 ARs and 1 SR.
  • Added mixed scoped & suppressed variations of 4 ARs.
  • Fixed behavior of useable inventory, so (i hope) useful effects not gonna lose their precious seconds.


  • Added many variations of armor pickups and make them more diverse, so it's gacha now! Also saved invisibility powerup.


  • Divided "9mm" ammo to "9x18mm PM" and "9x19mm PB".
  • Also divided "7.62mm" ammo to "7.62x25mm TT", "7.62x39mm", "7.62x51mm NATO" and "7.62x54mm R".
  • Decreased size of armor pickups, so they now are not so huge.
  • Changed sprites of some weapons to more nice ones.


  • Inserted thematic cursor (thanks to "Ghoul Dungeon 2").
  • Made diversion between Carcano M1891 and Mosin Nagant sniper rifles. Also added Lee-Enfield sniper rifle as well.
  • Fixed random spawner of several weapon types, so these weapons now can be obtained thru the game w/o cheats: (Pistols) Fort-12 and FN Five-SeveN, (ARs) OTs-14 "Groza" and Steyr Stg.58, (LMGs) PKP and M134 Minigun.
  • Added scoped variation for ARs: OTs-14 "Groza", H&K G3A3, FN FAL and Steyr Stg.58.
  • Added suppressed variation of SRs: H&K MSG90 and SIG Sauer SG-550 Sniper.
  • Added suppressed variation of SMGs: KRISS Vector.
  • Added suppressed variation of Pistols: Beretta 92FS (M9), FN Five-SeveN and SIG Sauer P220.
  • Added APB for APS, like it was with PB for PM.
  • Added suppressed and mixed variation for H&K XM8. Now that gun has all variations, like AK-47, AK-74, M4A1 Carbine and M16A2.


  • Changed sprites of PB and OTs-14 "Groza" (+scoped variation) for more pretty from "GUNSLINGER Mod".
  • Added suppressed and mixed variation for OTs-14 "Groza", so it now are 6th gun with all variations.
  • Decreased reloading time of KRISS Vector. It was kinda too long for its sound.
  • Added Pistols: CZ 52, CZ 75 and OTs-02 "Kiparis".
  • Fixed spawn of L96A1. Now it can be obtained w/o cheats.
  • This is more technical change, but i was forced to increase defined numbers in loadout script for weapons from 100~ to 1000~, 'cause there is now 90 ARs (both with scoped and suppressed variations)...


  • Changed sprites of: (Pistols) Glock-17, Glock-20, Glock-21, Glock-35, PM and PMM, (SMGs) AEK-919K (+suppressed variation) and Tommygun, (Shottys) Saiga-12K (+suppressed variation), (ARs) FN FAL (+scoped variation) and Steyr Stg.58 (+scoped variation), (SRs) Mauser 98k, (LMGs) RPD (+suppressed variation).
  • Added Pistols: CZ vz.82 and CZ vz.83.
  • Added SMG: PP-91 "Kedr", IMI Micro Uzi, Ingram MAC-10 and H&K MP5K-PDW.
  • Made visual diversion between 12ga and 23x75mm shells.


  • Added suppressed variations of SMGs: IMI Micro Uzi, Ingram MAC-10 and H&K MP5K-PDW.
  • Fixed missing sprite for dropped SKS.
  • Fixed strange size of some weapons pickup sprites.


  • Fixed sounds for reload of TOZ-34 (+"Obrez") and TOZ-66 (+"Obrez").
  • Changed sprite of PP-91 "Kedr" for more detailed.
  • Changed sprite of AKS-74U (+suppressed variation) for more pretty.


  • Added sprites for player (very big thanks to author of "LEST.WAD" for this).


  • Added suppressed variations for 10 pistols and 2 SMGs.


  • Fixed wrong ammo definitions for ACS loadout script ("ammo_45" instead of "ammo_ump45" for UMP-45 and "ammo_5-45" instead of "ammo_4-45" for AK-74).
  • Slightly adjusted reloading time of several guns.
  • Changed sprite of several guns to more pretty.
  • Added 4 pistols (Calico M950, Kel-Tec SUB-2000, Glock-18C, OTs-23 "Drotik").
  • Added 3 shotguns (Kel-Tec KSG, UTAS UTS-15, NeoStead 2000).
  • Added 3 SMGs (PP-27 "Klin-2", Beretta M12S, Magpul FMG-9).
  • Added 3 AR (H&K G11, Zastava M21, CZ Sa vz. 58).
  • Added 7 SRs (OTs-44, McMillan Harris M93, H&K SL8, SOK-94 "Vepr", Keppeler KS V Bullpup, Zastava M76, Blaser R93).
  • Added 1 LMG (MG 3).


  • Fixed shots of L96A1 w/o suppressor not alerting enemies.
  • Fixed missing firing sprite for M60.
  • Fixed wrong ammo definition of several suppressed Pistols & SMGs (from 9mm to 9x19mm).
  • Fixed 5x45mm ammo not giving to player for his AK-12 in loadout script.
  • Added support for "Use To PickUp" mod. No more ugly & technical names!
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