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+ Fixed sound not found error when a player went outside of the map
+ Reworked the text when a player leaves the battlefield
+ Added a check to see if a player is flying above 1000m

+ Removed Petrovka as a capturable city
+ Added another camp to Niznoye (Medium)
+ Added Tulga as a capturable city (Small)
+ Added Shakhovka as a capturable city (Small)
+ Added Pustoshka as a capturable city (Medium)

+ Moved a few spawn points around to better locations

+ AI Auto-Manning defense range increased to 400m

+ Lowered Tunguska cost to $6000
+ Lowered MQ-9 cost to $8000
+ Lowered Pchela cost to $4000

+ Fixed income not displaying correctly
+ Fixed income to proper amount (No More 10% income!)

+ Added a Heavy Armor Team to Resistance Templates
+ Reduced supply values of towns

+ Upped Heavy Factory Upgrade Costs

+ Terrain Grid says it is 25 in the team menu, when it is actually 50 (at start of mission, to fix it just move it again).

v1.20 - Only for ArmA II 1.04 and up!
+ Removed some 1.03 specific fixes and tweaks

+ Changed Tunguska Price to $8000
+ Changed Ka-50 Prices to $37000

+ Changed Starting Weapons (West - M16A2/M136 East - AK47/RPG18)

+ Increased Supply Point to S1000 and Air Factory to S6000

+ Lowered starting supplies to S1000

+ Changed Pchela to Tech Level 2
+ Changed MQ-9 Price to $11000
+ Added a "Launch UAV" Action to UAVs
+ UAVs cannot properly unlock!

+ Added more spawn points (a total of 78)

+ Added new victory music for both teams

+ Removed Paratroopers

+ Removed High Command due to exploits

+ Changed Heli H price to $1

+ Fixed up the out of map boundaries so they touch the edges of the map
+ Removed Pobeda Dam boundary

+ Raised prices of both sides' repair trucks to $800

+ Supply trucks only carry 5 supplies each now

+ Income has been lowered by 30%

+ Redid all the parameters, they now are Dawn, Morning, Noon, Dusk, Night & Fast Time (starting at 12:00AM)

+ Terrain Grid is now defaulted to 50 (no grass)
+ Max view distance lowered back to 4000m

+ Moved D-30 to the first page of construction

+ Terrain Grid says it is 25 in the team menu, when it is actually 50 (at start of mission, to fix it just move it again).

+ Fixed the missing named vehicles in the light factory

+ Changed T-34 price to $1900
+ Changed T-72 (Insurgent) price to $3200
+ Changed T-90 price to $4550

+ Changed Night time start parameter to 1 hour earlier

+ Changed respawn time to 20 seconds
+ Changed commander votetime to 20 seconds

+ Lowered Towns Total Supply Value (10/50, 20/75, 30/120, 40/180)
+ Redid Town sizes
+ Halved Town capture speed

+ Tweaked MTVR and Kamaz attach positions

+ Added SPG-9 defences to Large and Huge Cities

+ Upped max view distance to 6000m

+ Upped the Ptchela to $5000
+ Removed the Ptchela from the Bluefor
+ Added the MQ-9 Predator to the Bluefor (Tech Level 2/$13000)

+ Reduced the amount of AA Soldiers within a resistance AA Team

+ Fixed town supply values so that they are correctly set!

+ Added buy once weapons back (due to the insane amount of complaints)

+ Changed Opfor starting weapon to AK-74 instead of bizon

+ Added Bor, Mogilevka, Polana, Nizhnoye and Altar as capturable areas

+ Pickup (PK) and Pickup (SPG-9) Do not have names in the light vehicle factory

+ If anything goes outside of the map's borders, it is destroyed. (Prevents bases being built outside of the map)
+ If anything goes inside the water at Pobeda Dam, it is destroyed. (Prevents under water building)

+ There are now 4 types of towns instead of three: Small, Medium, Large, Huge (supply values of 50, 100, 160, 240)
+ Made Huge towns harder to capture due to their strategic importance
+ Stary Sobor is now a Huge Town (4 camps)

+ Changed bluefor's playable characters to all USA (Complaints of spamming chernarussian language)

+ Fixed it so guerillas have tanks again, they now have the T-34 instead of the T-72

+ Changed the starting distance to 5500m (HQs have to start 5500m away from each other)

+ Added additional spawn points (bringing the total to 58 instead of 29)

+ Changed AH-1Z & Mi-24D's prices by -$2000
+ Changed T-72 & T-90 prices by -$2000

+ Added CDF Infantry to Bluefor
+ Added additional CDF Vehicles to Bluefor

+ Added Insurgent Infantry to Redfor
+ Added Insurgent vehicles to Redfor
+ Added Pchela UAV to both sides

+ When you die you have to re-buy your gear (you start with default weaponry on spawn)
+ Default weapon spawns include basic rocket launcher

+ Added new Mission Parameter to start at Night Time

+ Added CDF Forces to Bluefor and Insurgent Forces to Opfor
+ Added CDF Weaponry to Bluefor gear selection

+ M1A1 and M1A2 pushed back 1 tech level each (Bluefor)
+ BMP2 (CDF) added to heavy tech level 1 (Bluefor)
+ Su25 (CDF) added to air tech level 3 (Bluefor)
+ Mi24 (CDF) added to air tech level 2 (Bluefor)
+ Mi24 (CDF) and AH1Z price upped by $2000 (Bluefor)

+ Tunguska pushed back to tech level 3 (Opfor)
+ BMP2 (Insurgent) added to tech level 0 (Opfor)
+ T-72 pushed forward to tech level 1 (Opfor)
+ T-90 pushed forward to tech level 2 (Opfor)
+ Offroad (DShKM) insurgent added to light tech level 0 (Opfor)
+ T-72 and T-90 Prices lowered by $500 (Opfor)

+ Change Starting money to $1500
+ Change Starting supplies to S2100

+ Added air vehicles to the list of attachable vehicles
+ Fixed C-130J's attach position so that it's not inside of the plane (prevents vehicles from exploding)
+ Added the ability for MTVR Repair & Kamaz Repair to attach vehicles
+ Changed where vehicles attach to on towing capable vehicles

+ Changed Paratroopers cost from $19500 to $10000
+ Changed Paratroopers Upgrade Costs to half of original costs
+ Changed Paratroopers Upgrade Time to half of the original times

+ Changed Max Barracks to 3
+ Changed Max Light Factory to 3
+ Changed Max Command Center to 3
+ Changed Max Heavy Factory to 3
+ Changed Max Aircraft Factory to 3
+ Changed Max Service Point to 6

+ Changed AI Skill from 1.0 to 0.5
+ Changed Patrol Detection Range Ratio from 0.4 to 0.3
+ Changed Patrol Range from 300m to 250m

+ Changed SV floors from 30,60,120 to 60,120,240 respectively (simulates larger city conflicts)

+ Changed Support Menu Range from 2000m to 1000m

+ Changed Commander vote time to 30 seconds

+ Changed Aircraft Factory to have upgrade costs upped (Pushes air assets to end game rather than mid game)

+ Changed playable characters
+ Changed to 20 players

+ Changed Idle Vehicle Destruction timer from 600 to 1500

+ Changed Maximum Spread Area of Artillery from 250 to 350

+ Changed Bounty Modifier from 0.25 to 0.75
+ Changed Camp Capture Bounty from 100 to 300

+ Changed Max Group Size from 14 to 24

+ Changed Respawn Delay from 30 seconds to 15 seconds

+ Changed Town Capture Award to $800
+ Changed Mission Town Capture Award to $1600

+ Changed Service Point Action Range from 40 to 200
+ Changed Support Menu Service Range from 70 to 1000

+ Changed Supply Truck Delivery Range from 30 to 100

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