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This is an update of my newest release and continuing work.

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THIS is the .zip version of the first mod to make it easier for everyone.

Download and enjoy!!

As you all may have noticed i have made a full auto mod that makes all weapons fully automatic.I will be making a version 2 of the first mod and the full auto weapons mod to smooth out a few things.
I have received no feedback of major problems and specifics on them so i can not fix them so please report any problems/bugs you are having with the mod/mods and the specifics so i can fix them.

The full auto weapons mod is built off of the original mod but changes all weapons to fully automatic, here are the few other changes.
Mg's fire rate increased

Fg42 fire rate increased

Ppsh fire rate increased
That is all the changes.

I am working on another weapons mod, - Zombie Semi Auto Weapons Mod -. All weapons will be semi automatic including the ray gun and all bolt action rifles. I am currently in the testing stage and will be releasing it sometime in the next few days. All weapons will have the same damage, clip sizes and reload rates as the first mod. Zombies should no longer kill with 1 hit.The only problem so far is the ray gun, i will attempt to fix it if i have time before the release.

Please let me know of any bugs or suggestions before the next releases.

WildCard Out.....

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