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A preview of the changes made to the available camera views in the game and a reminder of how to apply for the on-going Closed BETA.

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M y last news post was kept short, so this week I thought I'd show off the changes I've made over the past week to vehicle camera/views - easily one of the most requested items to be improved.

Revised Camera ViewsRevised Camera Views
Revised Camera ViewsRevised Camera Views

Above are four images, which you can click on and view at a larger size. They each show the four camera states that are now present in FUEL: REFUELED.

Wide-Angle Camera

The first (top left) being a wide angle view, this was previously the far camera, which is probably the most widely used by most due to the bad visibility of other cameras. Basically what I've done here is crank up the FOV (field-of-view) so that you get a nice wide angle shot of your vehicle and the scenery. This is by default wide angled while your vehicle is stationary, but the FOV will increase very slightly as you get faster to make driving easier.

Over-Shoulder Camera

The second camera (bottom left and right) is the over-shoulder camera, this I am intending to be the most suited camera in the game for external views. This camera has a wider FOV and camera position moved slightly backwards (and sometimes raised in height) away from the vehicle, the effect being that you can now use this camera and actually see where your going. There are two states to this camera, the static and motion, the point being that while stationary your camera will be much closer to your vehicle that when you are moving. As you begin to accelerate the camera will shift into the wider angle, slightly away from your vehicle to help you see where your going.

Driver/Rider Camera

The third and final (top right) camera is the internal one. Typically this was used as a headlight camera and not a driver camera, this has been changed. In this update I have revised the bikes and quad-bikes in particular so that the cameras essentially reside where the driver view should be - this includes the jumpiness (as you hit a bump) and leaning as your driver leans.

V15.4 Screenshots

Reminder about Closed BETA...

If you missed last weeks post about the closed BETA currently being held then you may read it here. Long story short I'm still looking for additional testers to help ensure this update is the best it can be, if you could spare the time or would like to help out then all the details about how to apply are contained within that post.

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