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A lot of progress has been made on Map04. Here are some details on what to expect.

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I've been hitting it pretty hard here, lately, and the map is coming along stunningly. Right now, I estimate I am about 2/3rds done with it. This will be, to date, the most complex map I have ever made.

Right now, there are over 400 tags, over 30 polyobjects, and all new door types. Of the latter, they are the most sophisticated doors I have made to date.

There's the appearance of a couple of new monster types, too. Watch out for these. They'll steal your lunch, if you're not mindful!

Daryn and I have done some pretty significant work on the drone and the plasma turret, too.

In our previous releases, everybody who played our maps (maps 01 thru 03), probably noticed that these two actors were performing pretty wonkily. Shooting out long streamers of bullets, that for all the world, looked like ridiculous little freight trains. Moreover, these "trains" seemed to do very little damage.

Well, don't hate us too much. Like this whole project, things like these are works in progress. I am learning new tricks in map-making and the GZDoom engine and what it is capable of, and Daryn is learning how to write better Zscript code. He figured out what was going on with these two actors, and rewrote the code so that they gave the type of performance we were after. As a result, the drone and plasma turret work a lot more smoothly and they are quite deadly.

Word to the wise. Don't shoot any of the turrets or drones. If you do, they'll switch sides and try to kill you! Hehe, Daryn got that bit programmed into them, too. Right now, we're looking into writing a FOF system into the code, one that is controlled by a keycard. Once you get it (which I intend to hide in secrets), the drones or turrets will never fire on you, regardless of what you do to them. Even still, don't get between them and monsters. They do pretty good damage, and getting hit by any of their fire hurts! Especially the rocket turret. Oh my!

But yeah, at any rate, the map is coming along. When you play it, I think you'll consider it well worth waiting for.


Oh, and here's a few work-in-progress screenshots to help tide you all over while we keep working on it.

Just entering the levelOverlooking the staging areaCrossroads. Things get dirty from here.Deeper into the refinery.

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