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Introducing my 1st mod, explaining how and why it's being made, addressing my limitations for the time and what's in mind for the future

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GTA Vice City 4 7 2020 3 59 09This all started as an art project to make short films out of gameplay videos because I recognize FTP and GTA : Vice City in the same spotlight of controversy, and as key influences to me as an artist, I wanted to do it as a form of tribute. I've decided to expand into a full-fleshed mod, but as I have absolutely no experience in making mods, even something as simple as textures, I've been learning as I go along. I hope to expand this into something larger, but it will take time and resources to get there.

Making videos are easier to make because I use dozens of mods to make the game look good enough in the context of a short film, but even that takes a ridiculous amount of time. Downloadable material will be at a slower rate because 1. like I said above, I'm learning as I go, and 2. I refuse to release 3rd-party content that was not created by me. This involves things I hold a lot of respect for and will not use things created by others, I'm gonna make it myself. I hope to bring the FTP community together thru this project, especially on FTP's 10th FUCKING year, and it's definitely a goal of mine to find others who wish to take part, and it is definitely needed if I'm going to produce as much as I have in mind. Or at least some lessons in 3d modeling, lol

More coming soon - Clyde the Baron

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