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This news item is about a recently created FreeSpace Wiki article and some update on the mod's progress.

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(Click here to view the FreeSpace Wiki article)

The FSWiki article is currently WIP. You can find some more info on the mod's backstory in the above link. I also plan to include the list of mods I'll be using and some other trivial stuff. Most of the PR material I'll post will be at the FSWiki. Nevertheless, the mod's "headquarters" remain here at the ModDB. It's got a lot of useful features wikis don't.

Development is a bit slow at present due to university stuff. Most of the work is related to polishing the already created missions, do some more balancing, and expand and improve the storyline. I'm also trying to make myself familiar with the Hard difficulty setting. I plan to playtest on Hard, too, just to make sure that the missions I spent a real lot of time on will not crash due to difficulty setting-related issues. Notice to hardcore players: I will not playtest on Insane. Choose that difficulty setting at your own risk.

Also don't forget about the trailer! It's still there.

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