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Freespace 2 for Homeworld 2 mod I am working on now. It is nearly done actually, as I have already ported Shivan and Vasudan lol. Got a lot of work to do for Terran still though.

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Working on this now. Can't say I have a definate release date, but it should be rather soon considering Vasudan and Shivan are pretty much done (only a few things left to do like make ship icons) and that Terran is now started (Orion and Hecate are the ones in game currently many more ships are on the way)

Canon ships only of course...


Well update #1 is release #1

teh link: (release1 link removed duh)

uh sorry about bugged .rar I don't know why it did that this time, for my other mods it didn't.


update #2 is pretty much release2 :P

teh link: (removed dur)
is now fixed damn filefront edited their site and screwed up all the links

some things this has
1. ai will play no matter what races (in other words, having a hgn and vgr player/ai is no longer required)
2. colossus
3. destroyers have defensive weaponry
4. strike craft have been given a massive buff
5. that's pretty much most of the major stuff, everything else is stuff like edits to RU costs, build time, hitpoints, speed, etc
6. oh and hiigaran and vaygr have been buffed, if they are STILL not good enough, release3 of this should remedy that.


Release2 update .big fix (deleted)
1. fixed all dock paths
2. tweaked sajuuk serves as hgn and vgr juggernaut class ship
3. other tweaks to ships, weapons, etc


Release3, so to speak, though it is 2 with some upgrades and now .big choices.
Well here it is, choose which version you want.

Updates will be fixes and other additions (more ships, weapon/ship stat tweaks, whatever)

Other than that some other things I updated: the anti-frig/cap beam weapons have charge-up fx and sound and I have put some more HTL (aka hi-poly) models in since they were available (Tauret, Bakha, Hatshepsut, Dragon, Cain, Lilith). Also added more of the maps I have in my other mods.

Updates now include: better weaponfire fx, AI THAT WORKS (best one ya?), stat tweaks for better balance (at least imo), other things um... (maybe if I kept a changelog o_O)
Additions/Changes for update3 .big
1. Shockwave effects for bombs and cruisers, corvettes, and capital ships.
2. Debris for cruisers, corvettes, and capital ships upon death.
3. I rescaled all ships so I am sure that now all ships are scaled up the same way.
4. Mjolnir sentry and GTF Hercules, Ulysses, and Loki added (Knossos too, as scenery on Gamma Draconis map)
5. (FSFC) maps use new skyboxes. I also have pretty much every FS1 and FS2 music track in too. There were some music tracks left over from replacing default HW2 so they are in use by my older (BF) maps
6. Stat changes like improved fighter health and better missiles and bombs (and bombers), more range for big beams like BGreen.


Awesome. Freespace rules, easily my favourite game universe!

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The rating is 9.5 and I am just wondering becauase There is no downloads to speak of .

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I have non-english version of Hm2. Do I must have the original language version? How could I get one?

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Triikor Author

It shouldn't make a difference.

Does it? I wouldn't be able to find out.

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