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Establishing battlefield control... Standby...

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Connection found... Retrieving data link...

So yeah, it's been almost a year since the previous proper update. Besides the few image updates I posted in the beginning of the year, I haven't shown much (or any) progress. Reason for this is that RL hit me hard. People have complained 2016 was a bad year, I consider 2017 to be one for me. I won't go into details, but lets say I had to close off a chapter of my life I dearly wish I wouldn't had to close off for another while.

The result was that it took much of my time, and pretty much torpedoed my motivation and inspiration. Many things were put on the back burner, including this project.

I have been able to slowly pick up pace again the last couple of weeks, and thought it was the right time to at least show people that I have not disappeared from the face of Earth. I hope to be able to get another more content-filled update out in the upcoming weeks, showing some stuff that I have been able to create.

To the small amount of followers this project has: thanks for sticking by.
Dutchygamer signing off.


Take your time and good luck with the the things in real life.

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Zeke_Dlyoung Online

Yeah, modding is just a hobby, you shouldn't feel obligated to put this project above anything else. Just take your time, have a kitkat, and good luck with all the RL stuff.

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