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A brief look at the next iteration of Masky! Games. Written & Directed by Yeudiel G.C.

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"The ENTITY From Another World is going to be a first person survival horror game (you know, monsters, resource management, weapons...), and it's going to have an story mode plus some other game modes, and very possibly some DLCs.

At this point, I've been working on the project for over a year. And, yes...all alone. It's one of my biggest projects and challenges to this day of my life.

The demo is planned to be released the next month (September), and the full game is planned to be released between November and October of this year.

This game is just the beginning of a very big and long project. It's just the beginning of a new story.

New games are coming after this one, including a mobile one :)

So...yeah. Again, this is just the beginning. Thanks to everyone who's taking its time to read all of this, and thanks to everyone out there who's waiting for the game.

The ENTITY is coming for us..."


Follow the project on this platforms too:
The ENTITY From Another World | Gamejolt

Social Media:
Masky! Games | Twitter
Masky! Games | Official YouTube Channel

- Yeudiel G.C.

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