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Today I wrote to Tom about the results of the experiment on the sample he sent me.

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DATE: September 21, 2018 3:02 AM
FROM: jack@ email.kom
TO: tom.sdr@ researchlab21.kom
SUBJECT: Experiment 71-F: Chill Potion

Dear Tom,

I'm very excited while I'm writing this email. After several failures, hours of sleep lost and lab equipment destroyed, I managed to stabilize the substance!

The liquid is now transportable in a simple glass ampoule, but a strong impact or a high heat can release its high refrigerating power. Stabilization has inevitably reduced its power but in any case it remains one of the most powerful refrigerants discovered so far.

Certainly you will know of my research on some rare volcanic crystals, for which I often have to venture into active volcanoes. Well, I'm thinking of bringing these chill potions with me and using them when needed, I'm sure they could freeze even the hot lava.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to work on the sample,


Chill Pots

Chill Potions:

One of the greatest dangers in Saving Doc Jack is the lava threatening Jack in every wall jump and in every ledge grab he does, but to help him there is another of his brilliant inventions: the chill potion.
If you throw it in the lava, it will freeze magma for a few seconds, this will allow jack to gain precious time, but be careful, jumping on the cooled lava doesn't avoid a fiery death.

Chill potions can be found by breaking the wooden crates scattered in the levels.

Chill Potion Crate

When the potion explode, it release a small freezing cloud that allows Jack to hit the Lava even through the platforms.

Chill Potion Cloud

Chill Pot 01

Chill Pot 02

Chill Potion 04

Stay tuned for more news.


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