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Servant Of Morgoth, Mairon, Annatar, Artano, Gorthaur the Cruel, the Enemy, the Dark Power, the Great Eye (TA only), the Necromancer, the Lord of the Ring, the Sorcerer, the Black Hand, the Nameless Enemy, Thauron, Thû, Sauron the Great, Sauron the Deceiver

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As everybody knows I deeply hate Gorthaur as he is in the mod.In my personal opinion his current design is totally gay with his butterfly cape n kitchen knive, his transformation powers are totally useless and as a lvl 10 skill of the faction its too weak.Ofcourse these are my opinions.I know that there are a lot of ppl who likes Gorthaur as he designed and i totally respect that.
There are a lot of problems in the system with him which are your top hero killers are Nazguls.Mordor has enough swords to kill heroes.Nazguls able to poison/cripple enemy heroes good crowd controllers with their passive fast raiders with their horses n nice tanks with their armor.Even they have some op skills like dark marchall's lvl 10 massacre(my favorite).We have mouth of sauron as a great crowd controller too.He has ability to create chaos, reduce armor damage etc.

So there is only one hero class that mordor hasnt got is agrassive caster/nuker.We all watched the trilogy n we all see all the white order matched with the Sauron evenly.The thing is i want that agrassive caster from the film in the mod!

SHADOW OF MORDOR(Second class that u can choose for Sauron)

That is the main purpose for this article is to inform about a new concept for Sauron.As i said at the beginning there are so many ppl who likes him as he is now so i needed an idea win/win for everybody.

The solution i created is when u get the faction lvl10 skill which transforms wandering shadow to Gorthaur you will have 2 options like Galadriels ring system first will be Gorthaur n Second will be Shadow or Mordor.If u choose Shadow of Mordor you will have n agrassive caster Sauron in shadows but burning his sluette.(imagine it like in the film).His attacks will have more damage maybe have curse his ultimate will be an all burning lidless eye form etc.Im not Tolkien about his skill set developers know their balance system better then me.The thing is with that way everyone is happy n u have the ability to choose about how u want to use him.
Support the Shadow of Mordor form and think about how much fun u could have and imagine to control all the malice of the Necromancer u watched in the film.

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