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All the new mods and things that are to happen soon.

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There are a lot of updates to announce

First the list of From Book to Game new mods joining:

Someone wrote: From Book to Game: Lord of the Rings

  • Will focus on the War of the Ring and the war against the Dark Lord Sauron


Someone wrote: From Book to Game: Quenta Silmarillion

  • Will focus on the war of the Silmarils and the terror of the first Dark Lord Morgoth
  • Will add 4 brand new factions


Someone wrote: From Book to Game: Dunedain

  • Will focus on the Dunedain of Arnor and show the strength of the remnants of Numenor
  • Will add a brand new faction


Someone wrote: From Book to Game: The Hobbit

  • Will focus on the journey of Bilbo Baggins and his travels "There and Back Again"
  • Will create a brand new campaign which shall be heavily scripted
  • Will keep skirmish and War of the Ring as vanilla
  • Will only start in December in tribute to The Hobbit movie


Someone wrote: All mods shall include:

  • A whole new Bandit system
  • A whole new Neutral system
  • A whole new Capture system
  • Balancing and Realism
  • New Models
  • New Skins
  • New FX's
  • New Create a Hero classes and powers

Someone wrote: From Book to Game: Lord of the Rings shall have a release soon:

  • The Wild faction will have brand new units, heroes, powers and a whole new Spellbook
  • AI will not use the new Wild faction stuff
  • The new Bandit, Neutral and Capture systems will not be implemented

Someone wrote: Credits to the team:

  • Unknown/Clank234 - Division Leader {LotR}, Secondary Coder and Skinner
  • FellbeastIII - Division Leader {QS}, Coder, Skinner, Head Modeller and Head 2D Artist
  • {IP}Apollo - Division Leader {Dunedain}, Head Coder, Website and Software Coding
  • Fredius - Division Leader {The Hobbit} and Head Mapper
  • Ridder Geel - Advisor, Consultant and part-time modding
  • ReallyFat - Tertiary Coder
  • Yaroslav - Coder
  • Modboy451 - Coder, Scripter and Modeller
  • luh-koala - Head Skinner and 2D Artist
  • Bofur01 - Secondary Mapper
  • future4 - Tertiary Mapper
  • past5evermark - Mapper

Someone wrote: If anyone wishes to be apart of From Book to Game, please:

  • Skinner
  • Modeller
  • Mapper
  • 2D Artist (FX and advertising)
  • Send me an e-mail at: or send me a message on ModDB (Clank234) or Revora Forums (Unknown)

Someone wrote: The new website is also under construction:

  • It will give information on all of the mods
  • It will give information on the team
  • It will have pictures from all mods
  • Credit goes to {IP}Apollo for creating the website

Well that's it for now, I have said what needs to be said.Stay tuned for more updates and pictures on ModDB and Revora Forums.
~Unknown and the rest of the team


So you're actually teaming up to make 4 mods all based at different times? That's quite a project, but it would be amazing if you pulled it off! Keep up the great work! :)

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Clank234 Author

From Book to Game is the company ;)

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amazing! can t wait anymore XD hope ull release this mod soon!!

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Clank234 Author

There are 4 different mods :p

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