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Update, gametypes: Domination, VIP Escort, Commander Escort.

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Update #1

Date: July 9th, 2010

Okay, so I'm not the fastest of coders out there -- Commander Escort and VIP Escort just now got finished, and Didz is still helping me out on getting the base logic in play. I plan on giving a weekly update every week or so. Before I begin this news update, I would like to thank all of you who are watching this mod. 6 watchers in one weekend is a pretty good achievement I think. If you like this mod, please hit the "Watch this Mod" link on the right column. Thank you.

One of the prime achievements of Gunslinger's Academy is the number of gametypes added to the mod. We've got seven totally new gametypes, in addition to the standard gametypes in JA. We've got FFA, TFFA, Duel, CTF, Manhunt, Ninja, VIP Escort, Commander Escort, Domination, Hero TFFA and Smash and Grab. That certainly opens the door to a lot of different map rotations. When you think of my mod, I want the first thing to pop in your head is variety. Not just 24/7 DoTF or 24/7 JA+ duels or something. I think that seven new gametypes is not enough however, so I'm adding in another new system, one which will be familiar to Unreal Tournament players:


That's right. I'm bringing Mutators to JA, a cvar which will operate as a bitmask to more options. The current system includes:

  • 0x000002: LAST MAN STANDING
  • 0x000004: HEADSHOTS ONLY
  • 0x000016: FRIENDLY FIRE (team sports)/NO SUICIDE SCORE DROP (ffa)
  • 0x000032: KARATE
  • 0x000064: PRIVATE PISTOL DUELS (all except Ninja)/CORRECTED NINJA (Ninja)
  • 0x000128: DROP FLAGS (ctf)
  • 0x000256: TITAN (all except Ninja)/JUTSUS (Ninja)

Now, an explanation for how these work:

  • INSTAGIB: 1 shot, 1 kill
  • NO VIP SUICIDE: Suiciding counts as a loss for your team, if you suicide
  • LAST MAN STANDING: Just as the name implies.
  • HEADSHOTS ONLY: You can only hurt someone by shooting them in the head.
  • FINESSE SCORING METHOD: This one is tricky. If you kill someone, they lose 1 point and you gain 1 point. In CTF, the scores are displayed based on how much of a lead you have. For example, if Red scored twice and Blue scored once, it would display: "Red: 1, Blue: 0"
  • FRIENDLY FIRE: You can hurt your teammates.
  • NO SUICIDE SCORE DROP: If you do /kill, your score won't drop.
  • KARATE: Melee always kills on the first swing
  • PRIVATE PISTOL DUELS: You can engage in a private pistol duel with whoever you choose -- even teammates.
  • CORRECTED NINJA: The power of the Ninja goes to whoever killed the Ninja, not who grabs the Katana.
  • DROP FLAGS: You can drop flags in CTF, letting your teammates grab them and carry them.
  • TITAN: Kills and objective completions will count towards becoming a Titan, a super being. Titans are extremely powerful.
  • JUSTSUS: Oh boy, Naruto crap. >_< This lets the Ninja have magic spells which can be upgraded through kills. The spellset is based on map.

Whew, that was fun typing.

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