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Silverfang explains his promotion to project leader, and then tells us about what is going on in the modeling department.

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I was very surprised to hear about my promotion on Wednesday, I was congratulated by a couple people and I didn't know why until one of them linked me to Eez's news post. I was never told of this ahead of time and I'm sure I was just as surprised as any of you out there. However, fear not. If you have been keeping up with Eezstreet's blog he said "Two more weeks, and I'll be back to doing what I do best: playing video games and slacking off." I hope this means he'll be back with GSA soon, however no matter what I'm not going to let this mod die off.
With that said, I'd just like to let you guys know what I've been up to! All the weapons have been slowly making progress in terms of first person models, I'd like to thank Vampire very much for the first person arm models he donated to us a little while ago, they're very high quality and fit in very well. He also plans to make several more arms to fit in with different player models, Some more military ones, and one in a suit/tux for the VIP! Although this mod may not be at it's most productive point in time, it is far from dead, expect more to come soon in the media section.

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