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Beta 2.0.1 revealed, with preview patch notes available. Fixes numerous bugs, glitches and crashes, as well as adding a few new features.

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Update #7

August 27th, 2010

With the first full week of school looming over the development team like a plague, Beta Patch 2.01 slipped into development this week, with some new features, which may be interesting to you. If you like the direction this mod is turning, I recommend you press the "track this mod" button on the right side of your screen.

Grenades have been changed in purpose. No longer are they weapons of alt-nading, but now they are weapons of careful planning. Direct impacts will result in severe physical damage to the target, and with a well-timed blow to the head, they can result in an instant, fatal concussion. Even if you don't hit your target directly with a grenade, more often than not, the explosion will. Please enjoy this halfway humorous video, demonstrating a soldier's effective use of these devices.

To end this week, I present you with some patch notes.

- r_ext_postprocessing is disabled by default

New Features
- r_ext_postprocessing is changeable through the 'More Video' option in the Setup menu.
- Doubled the pool of Quotes.
- Grenades can now bounce off enemies, causing damage (this needs to have some safeties -- it's entirely likely that the grenade can trap players between surfaces and get caught on body parts). A funny thing with this, is that getting hit in the head with a grenade causes an instant kill.

- The Achievements menu will show up in Profile regardless of the server's Force Power settings.
- Fixed the loading strings for Hero TFFA
- Fixed the texture bug for the RPG-7
- Fixed the "0 quotes" bug
- Fixed the long-standing issue of the announcer in TFFA (this was a code ordering issue)
- The 'join' menu will now show up in all game types. (this was nasty coding on behalf of Raven and OJP)
- The 'profile' menu will now show up in all game types. (see above note)
- Fixed a critical crash caused by Achievements (The game doesn't like it when bots have their login status checked)

- Shotgun reduces damage based on the distance between you and the target. Hard-capped to 5 damage.

- Increased base damage to 15.
- Increased accuracy drain from 3 to 5.

Steyr TMP: Increased primary fire damage to 12.

- Increased accuracy drain to 30.
- Increased range from 8 to 10.
- Increased alt fire size to 3.

Melee: Increased accuracy drain to 30.

- Increased accuracy drain to 10
- Increased accuracy threshold from 0.1 to 0.5

- Accuracy drain has been changed to 24 for all explosives. (Grenades, C-4 and Flashbangs)

M249 SAW:
- Accuracy drain has been lowered to 5.
- Fire time decreased to 120.
- Damage increased to 70.

Expect to see Beta 2.0.1 either next week or the week after.
This is eezstreet, signing off.



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