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Beta 2 recursive patch is available to download, with new features such as Hero TFFA, debug achievements and more.

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Beta 2 has been long-waited for, and a lot of the features in it are also well-needed. The patch notes are copied below:

New Features

  • RPG is skinned and ready to go
  • HDR is ready to go.
  • Fixed Console plugin built-in
  • Hero TFFA is showcased
  • Added hardcore mode, through the use of "g_hardcore" cvar.
  • New HUD: The radar is now in the lower right hand corner, ammo display has been moved and lowered to 1 tic, weapons scroll on the left hand side and use a custom font for weapon name.
  • cg_compactteamoverlay: Cuts the size of the Team Overlay in half.
  • The HUD can be customized with a "HUD Skin", which uses a different color palette. Change the value of "cg_hudskins" to use this.
  • You can now earn achievements from bots, however you need to be logged in to earn them (use /register and /login)
  • Achievements display their progress as you go.
  • 2 new character skins: Gangster, and a hidden skin.

Balance Adjustments

  • SHOTGUN: Increased primary fire base damage from 33 to 35
  • SNIPER RIFLE: Decreased accuracy drain, and reduced fire time of alt fire
  • ALL WEAPONS: Damage is multiplied by 1.5x when in Hardcore mode.


  • Fixed a visual glitch involving the blood sight shader.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the player to be frozen in the Force Push/Pull animation.
  • Animations while sprinting have been sped up.
  • Fixed a bug which caused stamina to regenerate past its limit.
  • Removed the stamina display number (this was for debug purposes)
  • Removed the /showmeyourtits cmd (this was for debug purposes)
  • Fixed a crash regarding achievements
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to be out of ammo on the Emplaced Gun, if out of ammo on the Concussion Rifle.
  • Fixed several crashes.

Known Issues

  • Black screen: turn off /r_ext_postprocessing to fix this. However, HDR will not be enabled.

Hardware Incompatibilities

  • nVidia video cards: The usage of HDR/Pixel Shader Support is completely in beta stages. Sometimes, it may not work and your screen is black. To prevent this, make sure your drivers are completely up to date, and for maximized support, make sure you are running Windows 7.
  • ATI video cards: The usage of HDR/Pixel Shader Support is totally untested on ATI cards.
  • Both ATI and nVidia video cads: Let me clarify something. JA does not give a rat's ass if you can play Crysis on high settings. It's simply a bug in the renderer that may cause your screen to go black.
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