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The second Friday news update from the Freeworlds: Tides of War team

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It's Friday again, which means we'll update you on news and we have quite a bit today! I think I missed one last week, it was my birthday and most of the team was away on leave anyway. Apologies for that, but we're back now so let's get started!

First off, we have put up a new article on GalacticNews.NET! DarkForce has come back from his holiday and has managed to write us another article, signalling an end to the Orinda conflict. This marks the last bit of lore that's true to the original Legacy from Star Wars. From here, the story will separate from Legacy and we'll start to look out for player actions and stories to decide our direction. So if ever you wanted to make a difference, either on paper or on the server, now is the time. Check for the full story.

Secondly; There will be a community meet on teamspeak! We haven't had one of these in a while, so we're having one this Sunday 24th of August at 8PM GMT / 3PM EDT. We'll discuss current activity, upcoming changes and a bit of sportmanship between factions as emotions tend to run high during the events on the server.

Next we have some news we didn't expect to be announcing for a while: The force-user factions have leaders assigned! That's right, the Jedi and Sith factions have leaders now, which means we'll be tentatively looking for members. You're free to apply but remember that these are very restrictive factions which require heavy and quality role-playing. This means a lot of you will be rejected.
For the Sith, we believe Jinius will be a good fit; he's led several factions in different freelancer mods and he's one hell of a writer. For the Jedi, well that's MystacX (yours truly). I'm not going to pat myself on the back, so feel free to PM me if you have any questions. We'll post details for force-user membership on the forums soon.

Mod news! Yes, there's not too much of that this week, since we were all settling back into our old routines after some R&R. Here we go.

Sizer has been working on the new MC90 surs (hitbox files), getting it ready for deployment.

FriendlyFire has been slugging away at the hyperspace mechanics until he caught a bug and is now sick and resting. I'll have some visuals for you soon.

DarkForce has started organizing his lore team. He's also written a new GNN article. On top of that he's been working with Jinius and myself to get the force-user factions sorted.

W0dk4 updated the launcher, adding in a player-alert counter. You can configure this in the advanced settings in your launcher to give you a heads-up when a certain number of players are online. You'll need to keep your launcher running for this to work. He's also working on death cams and brainstorming about ways to tackle our dynamic economy.

That's it for today, we hope to see you on Teamspeak this Sunday. If we don't, see you next week!


If you like what you see, and have been playing, please don't forget to tell your friends, your communities you frequent and social sites like REDDIT/Twitter about this mod. Player word of mouth goes a long way and we'd appreciate any of the support we can get for this mod of ours! Thanks everyone!

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