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Suggestions have been made, votes have been cast and we now have our 3 winners for the two competitions! All are great suggestions and we hope that when we manage to get them into the mod, everyone will enjoy them! Also, Merry Christmas everyone! Here's hoping you have a fantastic holiday season from me, ChokeOnAPear and all the rest of the Baldwin Co team!

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The results for the competition are in, and here are the results!


Competition 1:

Winner 1: drakozaurs, who suggested the addition of naval battles and super-long spears!"#comp1 Naval battles,Super long spears(maybe Phalanx formation for a mini faction?)"
Winner 2: GatesmanOfAvenna, who suggested the implementation of custom troops!"#Comp1 I personally would love to see the Freelancers in this mod. Not to be confused with joining a Lord's army. I'm talking about Sigmund and his customizable troops from Floris Mod.They are called personal troops, and can be recruited at any castle as long as you are a Lord. I think it would be great for players to introduce their own troop types."

Competition 2:

Winner:FreedomhZ, who suggested the 'Galatians', a fearsome caste of ancient-styled warriors who make up for their lack of archers with their skill in throwing weapons!"#Comp 2 Galatian Raiders (Kingdom of Sudnaw)---- Fearsome warriors, coming from Ancient Times now got to Calradia, they wreak havoc and chaos upon the Kingdom of Sudnaw, aiming for gold and loot-----They fight with mainly axes and use heaps of throwing axes and javelins. They're style is very offensive, and they lack good archer support, but thats compensated by they're good throwing ability and good melee strenght-----They rely on armor, and they're more advanced troops are VERY armored with Gothic Armor and such, therefore they are a real challenge. They use axes, javelins, large shields, throwing axes, spears.Still, they lack good archer support witch nerfs them alittle bit...and they use horned viking armor for they're basic troops and for they're advanced troops they use Basicnets, something like Chapell-De-Fer."
All three of these make fantastic suggestions and we will work to install them as soon as we can! For now however, enjoy the latest version and enjoy your Christmas!

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