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Howdy! It's been a while since we had some updates, so I think its time to share this with all of you...

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Before we get on to the main subject of the post, I would just like to inform the modding community of two things:

1. I have just passed my exams :)
2. I now have a new computer, allowing for whole new possibilities that, on my old computer, were just out of the question.

And now let's go back to the main subject:

After long discussions with the team, we have decided to jump to the source engine, allowing for new exciting and innovative ideas. I know that some of you will hate me/us for deciding that, but that's how things are ... changing all the time.

It's been really a great time with all of you guys and I hope that you will support us in the future. It's gonna take a while until we get everything ready and make the new profile page and all that stuff, but stay tuned for more news!

And now some credits:
- Stream Fox, a great mapper and a good friend who helped the mod a lot.
- LimeNinja, always giving ideas and supporting me in hard times. Too bad he didn't have the time o amaze you all with he's great video skills. But you will see in the future!
- Cheesezorz, a true poet, full of ideas and other stuff.
- sayrken (BigToM), a good mapper, who helped me get a start with the mod. He's the guy from where I learend the basic things about gold source.
- Ultravisitor, a good music composer.
- President Barack Obama (ObamaYoMama) or Dakota, an awesome voice actor, who helped me a lot with the mod. You can hear him in the vids.
- Pivvott (M@1t3) , always ready to help us and a good beta tester.
- Freeekill, a guy borned to be a beta tester.
- Commando5375, XxBloodRavenxX. Two beta testers
- Thanoshltbeggining , a great friend who helped me in hard times and who came up with briliant ideas.
- Shadowofamn, a very good modeler.
And the last one ... me (Radu IceMan), a 2D artist and a big hl fan.

Special thanks to everybody else who helped the mod and all the fans.


Congrats that you passed your exams.. Not long now until you're the chief of your own company what ? :)

As for the mod that's very pitty why must the best hl1 mods change to that freaking damn source engine. I'm not exited. Still good luck i hope you guys won't lose your interess because you're starting nearly on zero again.

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radutanasie Author


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Do not cry young ones for I have jokes!

What do you call a sleeping bull?

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Congrats for your exams Radu and may the new PC brings us new and wonderfull suprises!
Moving on to Source ha?You may be one of few games that deserve to be on Source and actually look good!Well as 23-Down said i don't really like that perfectly (on the Goldsource) done mods move on to Source but what the heck,Source deserves you so GOOD LUCK Radu and A.R.C. team!May the Gods of modding be with you!:)

P.S.Thx for the mention,much appreciated!

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