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Version 3.3 is out. Read the changelogs or go straight to the downloads section!

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Patch 3.30 RC3
-Turret laser damage reduced against bombers. Turret laser accuracy reduced against bombs slightly.
-Rakshasa armanent updated, cost and builtime increased
-Stiletto II missile HP reduced.
-NTF Iceni has a built-in Sprint drive.
-Hitbox issues should be resolved.

Patch 3.30 RC2
-Flak damage values adjusted slightly; long range flak now more reliable at doing damage (as intended)
-Capture values tweaked
-Bomb speeds and turning rates tweaked
-Collision detection for certain subsystems should be improved
-Hecate modified to work as intended.
-Orion Heavy Flak upgrade implemented.

Patch 3.30 RC1
-Adjusted turret performance and costs to match intended gameplay, as well as slight increases to turret laser ranges.
-Enabled explosion damage.
-Added upgrades for Sentry Gun armor and accuracy. Sentries can now shoot down bombs.
-Added upgrades for Cruisers and Capital ships, enabling them to shoot down bombs.
-Altered values for Flak turrets to make them more appropriate.
-Altered tooltips for weapon subsystems to make them more accessible.
-Added Corvette Armor and Sprint drive upgrades.
-Altered fighter missile researches to be more distinct and appropriate.
-Added Nav subsystems for Corvettes.
-Added support for new win conditions. Sentry Deployment freighters may no longer count for win conditions.
-Aten is now buildable without Light Photon Beams, but needs it to turn on its' beam cannons. Vasudan beam researches have been standardized with other factions.
-Added small explosions for Trebuchet and Stiletto, helping them damage small turrets.
-Corvettes and cruisers now have modeled beam subsystems.
-Some cruiser costs and buildtimes slightly adjusted.
-Multiple fighter armanent balancing adjustments to align themselves more closely with FS2 stats.
-Bombs now have proper blast radius, damaging subsystems without requiring a direct hit. Subsystems have been rebalanced to make maximum sense.
-Reduced Fighter and Bomber jump costs, reflecting jump timer changes.
-Capture vessels may now disable Shivan ships upon caputure, instead of being useless.
-Range of cluster munitions increased to reflect proper characteristics.
-Stiletto and Stiletto II now have increased HP and added homing abilities.
-Loki now has EMP adv. upgrade
-Resource drop-off weapons and HP altered.

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