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Hello, Freelancers. Work on Nomad Legacy still in progress, but I can't write many articles about. Because I have problems with English text. :-D Yes, writing on English it's like a fight with tiger for me. So, sorry in advanced. I want to tell about current mod progress in multiple posts. Current plan - one post in week.

Я уже делаю посты в группе мода в ВК. Поэтому, если не хотите страдать, читая мой рунглиш, то смело заходите сюда:
Это пост является дублем стартового поста в группе, ссылка на него:


Mod is under deep development and I have many problems. I have many amibitions, many ideas. I don't want just create the new mod with storyline. I want to create the ultimate Freelancer mod. With new features, new challenges, new experience. But that's need very VERY MANY time of work. Many my ideas already created, many is not yet. So, let's start.

About next release. New release is not planned... No, I about stable release. Mod is under alpha development and I will release only alpha versions.
Why? Becouse my new features require to remove old saves... Sorry, I can't keep your current progress. But that's required for new unique challenges. I believe, after my next posts you will agree with this decision.

So, what's next plans:
English version. Translate at least 5 missions (that's means "normal" translations).
Russian version. Full voiced mission 1.
Half completed mission 7.
Advanced challenges in Rheinland sector.
And many more challenges.

That's all for now. This post is without screens. But don't worry - every next post will contain interesting information and interesting screenshots. Just wait for new article. :-)

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