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To celebrate the new year, we have prepared a little treat for you: A giant Gods & Minions wallpaper!

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Hey folks,
to celebrate the new year, I have prepared a little treat for you: A giant Gods & Minions Wallpaper spanning ca. 7200 by 7800 pixels and featuring about 80 different Minions from the final game. This equals 60% of the Minions you will find in the core version of the game. See the attached preview picture and grab your very own, full size copy (ca. 12 MB) by following the link to our blog.

As some of you already know, Gods & Minions has been in development for a long time and underwent many radical changes. I would like to thank my friends and die-hard followers for their loyalty at this point. Thank you and make the best out of 2015 (like we will).

Sincerly yours
-Tobias (Gods & Minions Project Lead)

[Gods & Minions is a oldschool, free, browser-based strategy RPG with a strong focus on high-quality artworks. It's a low-tech game designed to run on almost any computer in the world. The game relies on set-collection mechanics and utilizes an automated combat system typical to browser based games. You send out a warband of minions to raid your opponents in order to gather loot. Loot allows you to expand your own collection of Minions, Relics and other powerful "cards". Raid and craft to become the most powerful player on your server!]

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