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On Monday February 6th Labyrinth is being released to Free to Play.

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Labyrinth is Going Free to Play

Labyrinth will become free to play on Monday, February 6 at approximately 10:00am PST.

Anyone who purchased the game before the switch to Free to Play will automatically receive 1000 Gold for buying 10 card packs (a $15 USD value).

Anyone who purchased Labyrinth or received a valid Steam key prior to February 6 but did not create an account until after the switch to Free to Play should contact support {@} labyrinththegame [.] com so we can credit your account.

Changes in this Update

A new Skulduggery hero was added!
Ranked mode is turned back on! When you your first boss reaches level 15, you will unlock Ranked mode. One of your boss slots is your ranked boss slot, and you can earn skulls raiding other high level bosses. This season will last until the next major update.
Our matchmaking algorithm has improved. You should be matched more often against players of similar level and skill.
We made a large number of balance changes and bug fixes on cards.
Friends list improvements for Practice mode
Sound improvements

New Skulduggery Hero: Kylee

Kylee, Rogue Engineer, also known the Tinker, is a new Skulduggery hero is specializing in ranged attacks. Although bosses have had structures for awhile, she is the first hero to have a structure: the Voidmine. (We plan to add other structure cards to the heroes in the future.) Kylee comes with hero specific cards shown below.

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Our teams have been working hard to get the Free to Play build out, but in addition to that content we have been working on the following:

  • The Engineering Team worked on Ranked Rewards UI; Steam Friends and Steam Announcements; Ranked Rewards UI refactor; Season Rewards.
  • The Design Team worked on AoD spell casting; AoD animations.
  • The Art Team worked on Dialog art; Celestial Serpent; Flask sculpted; Stone Rain; Pirate and Oracle variations; skinned Ardelon Warrior 2; Aether Blast v3; Angel of death walk/run.
  • The Audio Team worked on card pack opening sequence.
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