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Boredom has finally got the best of me and so I now write this

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This is a short New update telling people this.

Up until this point I have horded the Lore for New Dawn very closely and not allowed anyone to add or change any single part of it (with the occasional sneaky work by Waseem the crafty devil) but as i have been somewhat absent of late I have decided to leave the field open to all of you wonderful people in the Alpha testing group. Now rather then just give everyone permision to have their way with my universe You can simply send me a P.m in that PM just write a short story doesn't need to be anymore then about a paragraph just enough to show that you are up to the challendge. Now I'm not looking for grade A work so even if you think your not up to scratch still send something in. Hell doesn't even need to be a story maybe a planet description maybe information on the Eldar langauge weapons specs anything your little hearts desire. All I will be checking for is that you have some understanding of the universe as I have decreed it.

Also anyone who really catchs my interest will be asked to do a set piece and should it prove sufficient you will be givin knowledge on all the little secrets of the New Dawn universe and will be asked to assist me in creating a wiki page with unique and interesting stories and what not.



And so there was a Blackhole and destroyed EVERYTHING!

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mangosofdoom Author

-_- your crafty fiend....

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