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Let's talk about the country of France, updates and Steam greenlight.

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First off, I'm on Steam Greenlight now, like OFFICIALLY. The game will continue to be free don't worry.

Please vote for me HERE

Secondly, big shot youtuber V2F featured a video about Boring Man! The server list is blowing up with french stickmen, so get out there and show them what you're made of. Thanks V2F!

Boring Man v1.0.5

And lastly, this update dry patch we're in. I'm just as frustrated as you, because a bug in Game Maker (the engine I use) has ceased my ability to push any more updates. Yoyo Games, the developer of the engine, has informed me that the bug is fixed and they will push it out "in an upcoming version" but they are taking forever. I can continue to fix bugs in the game itself, but I can't release the update because of this bug. Trust me, if I were to release it now, you might not be happy about it so it's better we continue to wait.

Despite that nastiness, you can guarantee this will be quite the bug fix update. I've found and fixed so many. I will also be doing some minor rebalancing to some of the weapons, like the Light Rockets. They're beyond abusive in CTF when the other team doesn't know how to fight the rocket jumping so you might not be able to rocket jump as well when 1.0.6 hits.

If you don't know what Boring Man is, it's an online 2D shoot similar to Soldat and Worms. It features stickmen and stick death like flash animations of old! You can download it here.

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