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::[Frag.Ops v1.35: The Final Battle]:[WINDOWS/.exe/325mb]:: (USA) (the Netherlands) [OFFICIAL] (USA) (USA) member dl (USA) (GERMANY)
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::[Frag.Ops v1.35: The Final Battle]::[MAC+LINUX+WIN/.zip/344mb]:: (EU) (EU) member dl (USA)

Major Release Features:
-Ability to choose player uniform and headskin seperately during team selection
-9 player models and 10 unique uniforms
-11 Weapons with more than 25 optional upgrades including scopes, nightvision, akimbo, silencers, and more
-13 total maps in various environments and combat situations around the world
-8 different mission objectives
-Dozens of custom mapper tools and actors
-15 new high resolution effects ranging from muzzle flashes to grenade explosions
-Original 'Action' system makes use of sprinting and resting for increased realism
-Classic 'shootable grenades'
-'RealMove' lazy weapon movement comparable to HalfLife 2 and FarCry
-2-Seater Jeep vehicle
-Improved network performance
-Improved graphical performance
-Countless bugfixes

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