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New FragFest demo available! Our new demo comes with improved map quality and enhanced gameplay. Buckle up and enjoy our insane vehicular shooter right away.

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Hi folks, we recently released a new version of our insane vehicular shooter FragFest! FragFest is a fast-paced vehicular shooter in a highly interactive physically-based 3D world.

For the latest version we revised all four of our current maps. First of all we improved our maps' visuals by adding high resolution normal maps. But more important: We improved the gameplay by balancing and remodelling parts of the maps. All maps are now equally sized and can be played with borders and as infinite maps.

FragFest In Game ScreenshotFragFest In Game ScreenshotFragFest In Game ScreenshotFragFest In Game Screenshot

Besides some major changes and bug fixes "under the hood" we added an optional "auto height" mode for aircraft and submarines. With this mode you control your altitude relatively to the ground, thus letting you fly around without bothering to much about crashing into mountains or buildings.

Besides that we have started to integrate the Steam API after FragFest eventually got Greenlit and to update our self-written engine to a new DirectX version. This changes will result in a new major release soon.

To give you a better idea of the FragFest gameplay we produced a little gamplay video by plain recording a random game session. Enjoy!

Our Demo (v.1.4.1) is free to play, online and in singleplayer mode. You can download the game from our website or right here at IndieDB:

FragFest Demo 1.4.1

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