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Fracctal Monsters is a new play-to-earn monster taming game with an emphasis on pet care and battling. Our project most closely resembles the 90s game called Tamagotchi. Users are able to purchase basic monsters from our random pack system. Monsters will grow and evolve over time as the user meets daily requirements for taking care of their pets (feeding, playing, etc.)

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Fracctal Tamers Splashscreen

Fracctal Monsters are randomly generated NFT virtual pets that grow and evolve over time based on how they are cared for by their trainers.

FM is being developed on the Algorand blockchain by Fracctal Labs Inc. Our project is fully funded and the team went full time on March 7th, 2022.

Fracctal Monsters core gameplay involves raising virtual NFT pets from their baby stage to adult form. The better you take care of your pets the quicker they grow and evolve. You'll need to login often to make sure your pets aren't hungry, tired, lonely, bored, etc.

The game includes modes for exercising/training your pet to keep them active. You'll also be able to let your pets play with each other for socialization. You'll learn over time which food and activities your pet prefers the most. These modes are great for casual players who enjoy pet raising.

In addition to these modes, we'll also have battling (PvP and PvE). Players will earn rewards which include tokens and in-game items (food, toys, etc). We will also have a system for breeding pets. All monsters are randomly generated and our system ensures that no two monsters are exactly the same!

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