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An Announcement for a game to show off the potential of FPSC.

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A Project Announcement from Jad, President of Exo Skeletel.

Hello, Everyone! Our First game will be FPSC Anthology, a compilation of Standalone FPSC Levels we make! Each is harder as the game goes, and have there own interesting stories.

Seeking The Truth
This game involves hand to hand combat with strange robots! It showcases
how well-integrated a custom model can be. It also shows that hand-to-hand
in FPSC is pretty cool! Hint: Keep your Eye out for Auto-Health.

This game involves shooting Nazi's in a completely Vanilla enviroment. That's
right, no model packs here.

This Game is a showcase of DarkAI in FPSC. You will see a large battle and
you will be able to take one of the conkers along with you against the Robots!
This will also showcase video and audio in FPSC.

These will be available for FREE! It will come to Desura Soon! If you don't like this just
remember we have complete games on the way. Maybe An arena .... *Wink*

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