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A update by any other name would still be as violent This update/dev log includes a large number of fixes and updates as requested by the closed alpha players in preparation for the next round of testing.

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Added features:

-Player Sprint/Running controls
-"Named" beta versions with displayed version in menus
-Added connection limitations based on version
-Players can no longer attempt to connect with an incompatible hosted version of the game
-Enemy Players colored differently
-Added Player name tags to enemies
-Set fixed server region, now all players regardless of location should be able to connect to each others games
-Aiming line as gameplay option
-Editable Match settings
-Map Selection
-Two new map configurations for testing
-90 degree map
-Top-down camera map
-Match duration
-Respawn time
-Max walking speed
-Max running speed
-Aiming line on/off


-Despawn dead bodies after 15 seconds
-Diagonal movement speed now matches straight-line movement speed
-Players now invisible while being relocated to spawn point
-Fixed spawning into floor if spawn system glitches.
-Fixed respawn system and changed the system to a host level request and tracking system
-Fixed a glitch allowing players to shoot through walls.

Upcoming Feature Updates:
-Weapon pickup system
-New Weapon
-New Game modes

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