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Computer issues - solved. GeneralBert - beaten. Progress - progressing.

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You've probably noticed that these updates are getting posted quicker and more regular. That'd be me, because I've battled with the hardware of my computer and – with several cups of tea fuelling me – I have fixed the PC. Turns out a stick of RAM had died on me and computers being voiceless didn't inform me of its pain. Bad hardware. Full Story:

Next up is the new update method, I'm finding it much easier to get my updates to you the past few times by posting an image and then having the link to its discussion topic as the “description”. It's good for a number of reasons – first up there's not tiring wait, secondly it's easier to include the info for multiple things instead of having to post an entire news for it.

So I'm going to continue this method from now on, gives me more time you see! However, some pictures may not have topics or info associated with them, those will have a description. Also, there will still be a Thursday update! I'm so generous!

Sidenote: This post was surprisingly professional and not to my usual insane standard, I'll stop being like this soon. Plus, GeneralBert is going to be beaten for his lack of updates.

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