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In light of the recent UT3 Steam Sale, here's some new work on a splitscreen / gamepad / FOV / AI support mod for the title. Also small rant on splitscreen in PC titles.

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For some strange reason, there seems to be a general stigma against split-screen gaming on the PC. "You can't crowd 4 people around a monitor!" "LOL good luck trying to all use a keyboard at once noob." "Just play it on a console!"

On the contrary, some of us quite enjoy titles in true 1080p, at 60fps, with four controllers in front of a big screen HDTV using our PCs. Although split-screen gaming is (thankfully) making a comeback in many popular titles, it is often times a console-only feature (looking straight at you, Ubisoft and Gearbox), cut for no obvious reason other than perhaps having to write PC-specific UI and profile handling code.

So, in the case of Unreal Tournament III, I went ahead and did just that.

Deck x3

Featuring highly configurable enhanced gamepad support, play UT on the couch! foxMod also aims to address many outstanding AI issues and adds extended FOV options (with Hor+ resolution scaling!) for the optimal local UT experience. Fully compatible with vanilla clients online! (server must be running mod)

Interested? Check it out here on ModDB!

Thanks, and enjoy!

Changes in v0.6 (12/02/12):

  • General code cleanups
  • Splitscreen players can now use Warfare teleporters (will teleport to node nearest objective)
  • Splitscreen players now always properly mirror first player's clan tag
  • Setting FOV now works for splitscreen players
  • Splitscreen players can now (kinda) see the command menu
  • Left Trigger default control (Weapon Picker) in vehicles is now only crouch/descend/handbrake
  • Fixed Titan incompatibility
  • Desired FOV can now be set between 70-110 degrees
  • Added "Skip Impact Hammer / Translocator" option to skip these when cycling weapons


  • Bots no longer get confused on the Hoverboard
  • Bots will no longer trigger anti-stuck (hopping around) when firing (eg. healing a node)
  • General anti-stuck improvements
  • Bot check-if-stuck radius is now configurable
  • Bots now attempt to heal nearby vehicles
  • Bots properly handle on-foot non-vehicle path preference
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