New complex and realistic movement algorithms to bring some challenge upon you.

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1) The jumping is completely reworked. When you press and hold your jump button, you "charge" your jump, and lose movement speed in process, it takes about a second to charge jump to the maximum. When you release it, your character makes a high jump, useful for climbing up. When you press it and release suddently, your character makes a broad-jump (if you're moving,otherwise it will be just not a very high jump) with a lesser height in 0.2 seconds (0.1 if you're sprinting). The jumping eats lots of stamina. Also jumping kicks up your weapon, making it harder to hit your enemy when you're in air, but not impossible because weapon spread is not increased technically (but recoil is).
2) When you duck, your weapon moves up a bit, but starts aiming a little lower, so thats practically visual change. Ducking also takes some stamina, but when in ducked mode you regenerate it 20% faster.
3) You cant use weapons when on ladder. Well.
4) Ground movement reworked. It's made a lot more complex, but speaking shortly, each "step" (which declares itself with a step sound) gives your character an inertional vector, and if you change your direction you will be slowed because inertia will push you into its direction. The strafing is now made on step-timing, without which your character will move slow and lubberly, to have maximum mobility you'll have to change your strafe one moment before you actually "step".
5) Sprint makes you have less stamina, makes you unable to shoot, makes your camera shake, etc. But you can shoot while sprinting if you aim down the sights, but is very bad for stamina.
6) Movement speed is reduced with your weapon's mass, if you're using ADS, in water, reloading, on ladder, fallen from a height recently, using medkit or getting healed with big medkit, walking on sand, etc. But Tac-Bar™ removes these penalties completely.
7) When you're on low hp (less than 25), you will be slowed, not able to sprint, jump, camera shakes much more in the movement, also some weapons have penalties when you're low hp. Besides, hp regenerates when its lower than 25, but stamina does not. When you're on low stamina, your weapon shakes and you move a little slower, when you're VERY low on stamina, you take increased damage and your screen is moved down, then shaking in random directions. You also lose stamina when you take damage. Both health and stamina determine how much your weapon shakes.

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