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Short version: I finished the fourth chapter and have released the second version of the preview build. The separate builds will no longer be developed, and I am currently working on the fifth chapter but it may take awhile.

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Update 8/19/15:

Hello everyone, this is a somewhat big update, sharing some things about the game's progress, and other things.

First up, Probably the biggest thing about this update is, the fourth chapter is finally finished and it is playable right now! Which means the game is now 80% completed! Anyways, Here is what the fourth chapter brings to the table:

This chapter is all about Dwenguil and Barloc. Every level, you will either be in the shoes of Dwenguil or Barloc, exploring Khaugin, and trying to stay away from the plague. Later in the chapter Dwenguil and Barloc will group together and make plans for destroying the plague.

Second, The "Separate Build's" will no longer be developed. The reason of this is because most of the assets this chapter as well as the final chapter will use most of the assets from the first two chapters. If I were to remove everything else besides the assets of the previous chapters, the file size would be similar to the "Preview Build's".

Third, I am currently starting development for the final chapter but do know that it make take quite some time. Since this is the final chapter, I want to put as much thought into it as much as I can. As well as school being here, that will make it a bit hard to work on the chapter as well. But as soon as I finish it, I plan on releasing it as a Preview build, then from there I will occasionally update the game, fixing scripts or menus, and adding more features. Then when I feel it's finished, I will upload it to Steam Greenlight!

That's pretty much all for today, so be sure to download that preview build and try out the fourth chapter! Stay tuned for more updates!

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