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Production of Symphony of Stars is ramping up. I am currently laying down the frameworks of the gameplay, and Stephanie has already more or less finished the lore story.

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Hi! Well I wanted to write something here to let players know what this game is about. I am working a multiplayer space game that lets players choose to fight for one of 3 different factions. In it you'll be able to fight for territory for your chosen faction, and eventually even research new ships and technology.

One of the things that I'm most excited about the multiplayer is that I will try to make it as cross platform as possible! You'll be able to join and host games from any device, looking forward to having some friends over and playing a match on iPhones!

Recently I have only just started getting weapons into the game, but I think they look quite nice!

Stephanie has been hard at work writing story behind each of the three factions, which she has dubbed the Adamantine, Clandestine, and Venture. More info on each of the factions to come.

For now, here are some sneak peaks at the starting ships and frigate shipyards of each faction.


The Adamantine starting fighter cockpit.


Adamantine shipyard (as seen from a Venture ship)


Clandestine fight cockpit


Clandestin shipyard/

And lastly the Venture shipyard!


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